It’s been long overdue, so I’m happy to announce the latest update to The Graphic Mac. It’s been about a year since this site had any major updates to the look and feel, and I hope you find the new version much easier to read and navigate.

My goal was to de-clutter the entire site, making it easier for you to read, and for me to maintain. Gone are a few features that didn’t get used much, such as the community links section in the sidebar. I’ve also disabled comments on posts.

Post iconsThe major change, beyond the appearance, are the addition of “Post-Types.” Next to each post headline you’ll find a small icon that indicates what type of post it is. There are several different types available, including picture, link and standard posts (as seen in the image at the right), as well as audio and video.

For the most part, you’ll find standard post icons (like the one for this article), and link icons. Link posts are simply links to other sites, which you access by clicking the title of the post right from the homepage.

Issues: Link post headlines lead to the desired URL only when clicked directly from the homepage. For some reason, when you click the headline from an individual post page, they don’t take you to the link – instead they just refresh the page. I’m working on finding a solution.

Because the new Post Types are easier to work with, it is my goal to post content more often.

To make finding similar posts easier, a search box is available in the sidebar and the footer, as well as a tag cloud in the footer. Of course, you can always just click a topic link in the sidebar.

I hope you like the new look of The Graphic Mac, and continue to visit the site daily. If you have any feedback, you can send me an email.

Thanks to everyone who offered support, sent me software announcements and article ideas, clicked an ad in the sidebar or footer, or simply sent an email to say thanks for the site. You guys are the reason this site exists!