Author: James

Use Apple TV’s awesome screensaver on the Mac

Aerial screensaver
If you have an Apple TV, you know the screensaver they have set up is just awesome. It’s a flyover video of various locations throughout the world, and the footage is gorgeous. Now you can have the exact same screensaver on your Mac!

Download Aerial here and you’ll be good to go.
Aerial screensaver options
Aerial has 10 cities throughout the world, and offers a day and night flyover of each which you can turn on and off in the screensaver options. If you have multiple displays, Aerial will allow you to show different screensavers on each display if you wish.

Aerial is free and requires macOS Mavericks and above.

Free font: Infographic charts

Amazing Infographica
If you often do quick and easy pie, bar, circular or male/female charts for reports or presentations, you know it can be really time consuming producing even the most simple pie chart. (more…)

The FASTEST way to cut out hair in Photoshop

I’ve used a lot of methods over the years for clipping out (Masking) people with wild, frilly hair and difficult subjects from a background in a photo. I’ve seen countless videos purporting to make your life easy by showing you a new method. NONE have been as easy as this one! I’ve been using this method for quite a while now, and I can tell you that in my experience it is the easiest way I’ve come across that yields good results.

Q&A: What’s my file path?

When I used Windows, I had an easy way to copy a file’s path (generally on our server) directly from the Windows Explorer. Is there are an app that will allow me to do this on the Mac?

Yes, there is a fantastic app called Finder and it ships as part of the macOS! That’s right, it’s built-in, it’s just not noticed by most people.
Copy Path
You can copy a file or folder’s path by Right-Clicking the file or folder while holding the Option key down (as seen above) and choosing Copy “filenameXYZ” as Pathname from the contextual menu.

An even quicker way is by hitting Command + Option + C with the file/folder selected.

Doing either copies the path of the selected file or folder to the macOS clipboard—from there you can paste into any app.

The beginner’s guide to color adjustment on the Mac

Beginner Color Adjustment
The following is a guest post by Max Therry, an architect and photography enthusiast, who runs PhotoGeeky.

Color adjustment is one of the essential, yet potentially bewildering aspects of photo editing. To the inexperienced, it can be totally baffling. With some programs, there are a number of ways to do any single adjustment, while others are limited in what they’ll let you do. Yet from elements of color correction, to using color changes for special effects, learning how color works in digital images is one of the more important editing pieces of know-how you’ll ever learn. (more…)

Adobe InDesign alternative from Affinity is almost here [video clip]

I can’t wait for this bad boy to hit the digital streets! I love Adobe InDesign, but I would also very much love to not pay $50 per month, and Affinity’s Designer is a more than adequate replacement for Illustrator, and Affinity Photo can do about 75% of what I need from a Photoshop alternative… so the only thing lacking is a substitute for InDesign.

Open multi-page PDFs in Adobe Illustrator

MultiPage PFD
Not a whole lot needs to be said about this. Download the free script for Adobe Illustrator to allow you to open multi-page PDFs – each page being placed on its own artboard.

Download the script here.

I haven’t used the script, but I’m told it works on Adobe Illustrator CS4 and up. It’s features like this that Adobe should be adding to Illustrator natively.