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Getting started with Bitcoin


Getting Started with Bitcoin over at WeUseCoins is an excellent resource if you’re looking to find out more about Bitcoin and whether or not you want to start accepting Bitcoin for payment for your business.

The article is filled with helpful links and is written in ‘plain English’ for those that aren’t complete geeks.

Answer emails with a quick animated GIF

Shocked - animated GIF

There are plenty of times when I want to say something in an email reply, but don’t want to bother typing it out. Reaction GIFs to the rescue. They’ve got a massive collection of animated GIFs that can adequately show your reaction to an email, categorized for easy searching.

Extensis Releases Top 10 Web Fonts Used in 2013 from WebINK

Extensis recently revealed the list of top 10 web fonts used in 2013. According to data collected from the professional web font service WebINK, designers and developers used Myriad Pro most often for their projects, a position it also held in 2012.

New to this year’s list of top 10 used fonts are Fakt Pro and Museo Sans. These both continue the typography trend toward modern san serifs. Fakt Pro by Thomas Thiemich is a fresh “Helvetica alternative,” as are several others already on the list such as Theinhardt and Aktiv Grotesk. Museo Sans is a geometric sans serif by Jos Buivenga, that has a warm and somewhat retro feel, not unlike its Top-10 stablemate Proxima Nova.

Here is the full list:

2013 Top Web Fonts

When free isn’t really free

I was going to write a long-winded rant about my frustration with sites that release “free” fonts, images and graphics that aren’t really free to use; but Mike Rankin shared a well-written Free Font Manifesto at CreativePro that pretty much covers it.