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Sparkle beta for simple web design

Build a website with Sparkle that feels native on mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops. Sparkle gives you fine-grain control over the layout of every device you choose.

Sparkle beta

Sparkle is an open Beta, and it looks fantastic! Grab it here.

Tips for public speaking

Public Speaking

If you’re making a presentation in front of people you don’t know, it can be a little never-racking, to say the least. Especially if you’re not used to doing it. PublicSpeaking is a site which offers some helpful advice. Check it out.

When you get to own a color as much as Coca-Cola does, you don’t need much more around it.

The wrong color can make a great logo look like something a friend left on your bathroom floor the morning after a party.

Take a look at this brief article at FastCoDesign, then ask yourself: How much does color define a logo? Truth-be-told, you should probably spend nearly as much time thinking about your color use as you do designing the logo.

Batch rename files for free with Automator

AutomatorIf you’re willing to cough up $20, offers a great solution in the form of A Better Finder Rename. If you need to do this kind of thing routinely, it’s worth the money.

But you can also do this for free with Apple’s Automator found in your Applications folder. Macworld’s Christopher Breen shows you how in this article.