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How to show a list of all the files you’ve ever downloaded on your Mac

TerminalHave you ever wanted to show a list of the entire download history of your Mac?

Whether it’s for troubleshooting, personal interest, or forensics, MacOSXDaily has a nifty Terminal tip that will show you a list of all the files you’ve downloaded.

It’s an old tip, dating back to 2012, but it still works perfectly.


Color defines a logo

When you get to own a color as much as Coca-Cola does, you don’t need much more around it.

The wrong color can make a great logo look like something a friend left on your bathroom floor the morning after a party.

Take a look at this brief article at FastCoDesign, then ask yourself: How much does color define a logo? Truth-be-told, you should probably spend nearly as much time thinking about your color use as you do designing the logo.