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Free font: Dirtybag

Free font: Dirtybag

Billy Argel, the master grunge font creator, is back with his latest free font, Dirtybag.
Click the image to download Dirtybag font in OpenType format.

Cool Site: Photoshop Style A Day

If you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to add to your Photoshop toolbox, Styles are a great way to go. Photoshop Styles make styling your text and objects as easy as clicking a button, and keeps them fully adjustable.

Photoshop Style A Day

Photoshop Style A Day offers free downloadable Styles

Photoshop Style A Day is a relatively new site I came across that offers just what the name implies. I’ve downloaded all of the styles currently available, and most are of excellent quality. Now I know what you’re going to say, some of them look kind of cheesy – I won’t argue that. But when you consider that after applying a style, your text or object remains editable, you can go back and tweek it to your heart’s content.

250+ rust textures available for download

free rust textures

Rust textures are not only inspiring but are also a great way to add an extra dimension to any project. Click the image to view a list of over 250 rust textures available for download
absolutely free at PSDtuts.

Free artwork for Apple iWork users

If you use Apple’s iWork suite, Keynote, Pages and/or Numbers, you may find yourself searching for some new artwork to add a little spiff to your presentations, documents and spreadsheets. Before you speed off to Google to search for more, I’ve got a quick stop for you to make that may save you the trouble.

Free iWork goodies

Jumsoft offers a ton of templates and artwork for iWork users

Jumsoft, makers of some really cool Mac OS X apps, iWork add-ons and Mail stationery, happens to have a Free Goodies page, where you can download hundreds of pieces of artwork, templates and Mail stationery.

Affordable stock photography for designers

With budgets growing ever tighter, the ability to hire photographers for custom photo work is virtually gone for many designers, especially freelancers. Sites like Getty Images made a name for themselves by offering high-quality stock photography at an affordable price, those prices have gone up significantly over the years, and reached a point where they’re nearly out of reach again.

Enter the era of affordable stock, and user-contributed photo sites. With digital camera prices reaching all-time lows, and the quality more than adequate, the average person can provide some very good shots. There are now hundreds of sites on the web that offer fantastic photography for little to no cost.

Affordable stock photography sites

Some fantastic sites for affordable photography

I’ve put together a brief list of some of my favorites below, check them all out. (more…)