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Free sticky tape brushes & textures

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Fudgegraphics has a collection of sticky tape brushes and textures to enhance your latest Photoshop design. The Brush collection is a single, 25.3MB file, containing 15 brushes averaging over 2,000 pixels in size. The Texture collection is a 39MB ZIP file containing 15 PNG files of the same images as the brush set. You can download Sticky Tape absolutely free from Fudgegraphics.

Creating letterhead templates in Microsoft Word

If you’ve been in the design business for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt run across a client who asks you to create a letterhead template they can use on their Windows machine in MS Word. Ugh! Fortunately, there is a relatively simple way to get a little control over the placement of graphics using Word’s absolute position option when placing your images. My friends over at CreativeTechs have a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to accomplish this very easy task.

Free font: Amerika

free font Among the many quality fonts available for free from is Amerika. I really like the curves of this font. Amerika contains a serif, sans-serif and alternates version in the download. Fontex is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, so be sure to check out all the other fonts available on the site.

Get your graffiti on with the generator

Graffiti-creator If the idea for your next project includes graffiti lettering, then venture on over to Graffiti Creator to start vandalizing your desktop! The site, run by Mike Wigén, claims to be the first “graffiti generator” on the Web. I won’t argue the point, but I will say that it’s one of the best ones I’ve used. It allows just enough customization to make it interesting, yet simple enough to save the image and easily trace in Adobe Illustrator if need be (hint-hint).

Free font: BlackJack

One thing a designer can never have enough of is fonts. As I look in my Suitcase Fusion 2 database, I see that I have over 4,100 fonts – one of which I just added this morning. Free font BlackJack is a beautifully designed script font by Typadelic, and available for free from FontSquirrel. While you’re there, be sure to check out the growing list of excellent fonts available.

Free raindrop textures

You know what they say: “Spring showers bring awesome textures to everyone… and flowers – for free!” Raindrop-textures The latest Bittbox Free Texture Tuesday selection available is Rainy Day, five beautiful high-resolution raindrop textures available for download, and ready to use in your next Photoshop project.

250+ design template photos

Many times I find myself having to mock-up designs on various items such as bags, DVD covers, coffee mugs, and other various gift items for clients. Having an archive full of blank photos of such items goes a long way in making the task easier. Design template photos (more…)

Free font: MOD

FontFabric has made a delicious font called MOD available for download which you’re free to use in your personal and commercial work. free font At first glance, the font doesn’t appear to be all that attractive – particularly when it’s just against a white background. But the font really shines when you use it as a mask on a photograph. It’s also perfect for creating a subtle text headline against a richly colored backdrop.

Free high-res concrete textures

concrete-textures Bittbox gives away a pack of high-resolution textures for use in your design projects. Each texture is very high-quality, suitable for commercial printing. This week, Bittbox released their 100th texture – Concrete. The pack contains five grungy, cracked and spotted concrete textures. You can download them here.