Extensis Universal Type Server 3

Extensis Universal Type Server 3 makes font license compliance easy

Extensis has announced Universal Type Server 3, their industry-leading font server, which helps makes managing fonts and font licenses in multi-user environments easy. It’s like having a hired gun to enforce your font laws!

Extensis Universal Type Server 3 is a highly scalable server that addresses both the compliance needs of the Administrator and the workflow needs of the creative user. This new release will allow companies to police usage- in real time- and report on over-usage. The result: companies give font access to anyone who needs it, yet automatically protect themselves from license violation risks.

“Our customers are hearing more and more about font compliance vulnerabilities and looking for a reliable way to protect themselves,” said Chris Meyer, Sr. Product Manager for Font Management, Extensis. “They need to track, and in some cases lock-down, font usage across the organization. Universal Type Server 3 ensures companies are safeguarded, while still fostering the creative process.”

The latest version features:

  • Font usage reporting
  • Font license enforcement
  • Seamless server failover
  • Robust client tools
  • New Adobe Photoshop and InCopy support

Many companies don’t realize that font license agreements are just as strict as software licenses and there are substantial legal implications for misuse. High visibility companies, from entertainment to publishing, have been sued over font violation issues. For any company that leverages a large library of fonts, it is an easy position to get into without the right system in place.

If you work in a multi-user environment should probably consider Universal Type Server to streamline their font use anyway. Doing so virtually eliminates the ever-present “I don’t have that font” problem – because there is only one copy of any particular font on the server, and everyone who needs it has access to it. Extensis Universal Type Server 3 is set to be released in June.