Steve Jobs

Health issues aside, it really was time for Steve to step down

When I think back on the entire length of my career, I find that it has been tied (for good or for bad) to Steve Jobs. From the Apple II, to the Mac, to NeXT, back to the Mac again, iPods, to my current iPhone, I’ve been using Steve Jobs’ devices and software virtually every day. It’s kind of weird to think about, really.

We all knew Steve Jobs would be retiring soon, and after the last keynote speech, most of us knew it was going to be much sooner than people thought; due to the obvious health issues. With Apple announcing Steve Jobs’ resignation today, I (like many of you) enter a new Apple era. Unlike the last time Steve left Apple, this time it’s in great hands and on top of the world. When you think about it, he really couldn’t have chosen a better time to retire as CEO of the company he founded.

I’m not going to repeat the hundreds of articles that popped up yesterday after the announcement. Instead I’ll just say this: Thanks, Steve. Thanks for the vision, courage and leadership. Thanks for making our lives easier, and better.