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Extensis announces Universal Type Server 3

Extensis Universal Type Server 3

Extensis Universal Type Server 3 makes font license compliance easy

Extensis has announced Universal Type Server 3, their industry-leading font server, which helps makes managing fonts and font licenses in multi-user environments easy. It’s like having a hired gun to enforce your font laws! (more…)

Extensis brings Adobe Font Collection to web designers

WebINK brings Adobe fonts to web designers

WebINK brings Adobe fonts to web designers

Extensis announced that they are working with Adobe to deliver the Adobe Font Collection typefaces to the Web with its WebINK web font service.

Over 180 Adobe fonts are now available on WebINK, including some of their most recognized type families. Myriad Pro, Adobe Garamond Pro, and Chaparral Pro are just a few of the families available as Adobe Web Fonts.

“Extensis WebINK makes web site development and design easy, and integration with Suitcase Fusion 3 is a great feature for designers,” said Caleb Belohlavek, principal product manager for Type Development at Adobe. “We’re excited to collaborate with Extensis to provide customers with high-quality Adobe type for the web.”

Until recently, web browser and font license limitations have constrained Web developers to using only a handful of typefaces in their web designs. Extensis’ recent debut of WebINK breaks down these barriers, instantly delivering custom fonts straight to web browsers using WebINK’s global network. With WebINK, web designers simply indicate their chosen fonts using the @font-face rule in CSS. Developers can now choose from a huge array of fonts and quickly reference them within the site’s HTML code.

WebINK has a free 30-day trial, so you have a great opportunity to test your own website using custom web fonts. And don’t forget, WebINK is integrated into Extensis Suitcase Fusion, making it even easier to use.

Font management with Suitcase Fusion 3 now extends to website designs

Suitcase Fusion 3With little exception, fonts can be the number one asset any designer owns, and the most difficult to manage.

The in-house graphic designer with a limited number of corporate fonts to use on a daily basis may need nothing more than Apple’s Font Book app (if even that) to manage a small font collection. But the freelance designer with dozens of clients, the ad agency production studio and the print shop with hundreds of clients must have robust font management or dealing with fonts can become a full-time job. For those users, Extensis offers Suitcase Fusion 3.

Fontcase offers alternative font management for designers

FontCase iconAny graphic designer or production artist worth a darn has a multi-gigabyte collection of fonts, many rarely used, just waiting for the perfect job to come along to use them with. The difficult part of having such a large collection is managing it. With nearly 4,200 fonts in my collection, I’ve never run a Mac without a font manager. Since the days of Mac OS 8, I’ve been an avid Extensis Suitcase user. But when the developers of FontCase offered a review license, I decided it was time to take a look at an alternative font manager.

The first thing I noticed about FontCase is it’s gorgeous Mac-like interface. Clearly Bohemian Coding was borrowing from iTunes here. While the overall layout of virtually any font manager is the same, FontCase managed to really make it look good. Everything just “fits” in the Mac GUI. In fact, one could make the argument that FontCase is what Apple’s own Font Book should have been. This is one area I’ve never liked about Suitcase Fusion, it just looks bad. While the appearance of the app has nothing to do with how it performs, for most Mac users it’s still a point of interest.

Suitcase Fusion 2 now compatible with Tiger

Extensis has released an update to Suitcase Fusion 2, their industry-leading font management application, bringing full Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility. Version 13.1 also includes a number of new features and fixed issues, including:

  • New ability to search for fonts by the “Date Added” to Suitcase Fusion.
  • Added ability to search by “Keyword” with the QuickFind tool.
  • New “Library” column in the Fonts pane shows where your fonts are located.
  • Updated font corruption warnings when adding fonts.
  • Ability to disable warnings from Suitcase Fusion 2.
  • Plug-in manager improvements, including the ability to install more than one copy of a plug-in for multiple versions of a host application.
  • Automatic removal of obsolete plug-ins.
  • Suitcase Fusion 2 users on Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) now have access to plug-ins for Adobe CS4 and Quark 8.

This is a free update for all current Suitcase Fusion 2 users. It’s easy to upgrade your current installation if you have Suitcase Fusion 2 currently installed. To update, from the Suitcase Fusion 2 menu, choose Check for Updates and follow the instructions to download and apply the update.

Fixing Suitcase Fusion launch problem after an OSX 10.5.6 update

If you’re running Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2 and recently updated to OSX 10.5.6, you may have run into the problem of Fusion not launching. The cause of the problem appears to be an issue with your Mac’s Bonjour name if the name is too long, or contains spaces or special characters. If you are experiencing the problem, here’s a quick way to fix it that requires little effort and no special hacks or software tools. (more…)

Font management with Suitcase Fusion 2

The name is familiar. Everything else is groundbreaking. Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2 redefines professional font management with a sleek, modern interface, time-saving tools and unmatched stability. Dynamic searching and advanced auto-activation in Fusion 2 makes selecting and activating fonts a snap. I’ve written a full review of Suitcase Fusion 2, which you can read at Macworld’s Creative Notes blog, where I covered the user interface, auto-activation, and my real-world experience using the application. Over the last few months, I’ve been using Fusion 2 with great results. Gone are the days of slow launch times of not only Suitcase, but InDesign, Illustrator and Quark as well. This is partially because Fusion 2 no longer needs to be open in order for font auto-activation to work. I’ve had no issues with crashing, fonts embedded in .eps files, or any other issues that seemed to have plagued previous versions of Suitcase. The new tear-off preview menus are a nice touch, as is the simple interface – right down to the icon. Everything is just easier and faster with Fusion 2. If you’re looking to upgrade your font management application, take a look at my review of Extensis SuitcaseFusion 2.

Extensis releases Suitcase Fusion 2

Extensis has released the newest version of our single-user font manager for Mac OS X, Suitcase Fusion 2. This release contains a whole slew of new features that we’re sure that you’ll find helpful and fun to use. Fusion 2 is compatible with the recently released Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Quark XPress 8. The following are the most prominent new features in Suitcase Fusion 2.

Modern technology

  • Built for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Based on the Universal Type Client code base.
  • The Suitcase Fusion Core™ keeps fonts active even when the Suitcase Fusion 2 is not running.


  • Auto-activation plug-in installation is now a breeze with the Plug-in install options built into Suitcase Fusion 2.
  • To ensure a trouble-free workflow, the auto-activation plug-ins contain new features, including the ability to create document sets as well as check document fonts.
  • Selective global auto-activation allows you to select which applications to have Suitcase Fusion 2 automatically activate fonts.
  • Updated auto-activation plug-ins now include an XTension for QuarkXPress 8 and plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS4.

Font organization

  • Improved search options allow you to quickly locate fonts using very granular font information.
  • Smart Sets dynamically filter and display fonts based on your own custom settings.
  • Font libraries allow you to organize fonts the way that you want.
  • A portable Font Vault allows you to quickly backup your entire font collection, easily switch to an entirely different database, and even move your Font Vault to another drive.

System font management

  • Improved system font management features help you avoid font conflicts and other problems with system fonts.
  • Easy identification helps you disable unnecessary fonts in your system folders.

Previewing fonts

  • Enhanced font preview options, including automatic encoding detection for most Roman and non-Roman languages.
  • Floating previews allow you to preview fonts as transparent document overlays.
  • Easily customized previews allow you to quickly display preview text as you want it.
  • Glyph View Window allows you to inspect the glyphs of a selected font and compare them to any other font in Suitcase Fusion 2.

Font corruption checking and repair

  • Enhanced font corruption detection and repair.

For more info, check out the Extensis website.

Extensis Universal Type Server: font management for large groups

Dealing with lots of fonts is no small task. This is especially true in ad agency, design firm and pre-press environments. Not only does everyone need to have the same fonts, but companies tend to want to make sure all the fonts are of high-quality, and legally owned. This is where font server management applications come into play. Where desktop font managers control fonts on an individual user’s machine, a server-based font manager handles it for many users over the network. Extensis Universal Type Server (UTS) is just the tool for the job. UTS picks-up where Suitcase Fusion leaves off, by managing large collections of fonts from a server, and quickly deploying them to users as needed. (more…)