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Free font: Erler Dingbats

Erler Dingbats

Click the image for Erler Dingbats direct download

This ain’t your daddy’s dingbat font. Erler Dingbats offers an upgrade to the decades-old Zapf Dingbats font that ships on every Mac. Erler cleans up some standard dingbats like the mail envelope, airplane, and pointing fingers. To see a comparison of existing dinbats and Erler Dingbats, you can view the dingbat comparison PDF file.

Extensis adds Google Web Fonts to the Web Font Plug-in for Photoshop

Extensis Web Font Plug-in

Extensis' Web Font Plug-in makes website mockups in Photoshop easy

Designers have been able to use actual fonts in their websites for quite a while now, but integrating web fonts at all points throughout the creative workflow has been a challenge until now. Extensis closes the web font gap in the traditional web design workflow by adding Google Web Fonts to their plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Extensis’ Web Font Plug-in already provides web designers with free access to thousands of WebINK web fonts, and now adds convenient access to hundreds of fonts from Google Web Fonts.

The advantage of using Extensis’ WebINK technology with the Web Font plug-in is that you can design your site mockup in Adobe Photoshop even if you don’t already own and have installed the actual web font you want to use on the site.

The free WebINK Photoshop Plug-in is included with Suitcase Fusion 3. If you’re not already a Suitcase Fusion user, you can download the trial version. The free plug-in will continue to work even if you choose not to keep Suitcase Fusion 3.

Free font: Skullphabet

Skullphabet font

Absolutely no legitimate use for this font, but you'll want it anyway!

I know, I know. But it’s such a cool looking font, and it’s free. Download it, you know you want to. I promised myself that before my career is over, I WILL find a use for this font!

Free font: Shattered 3D photo font

Shattered 3D font

Grab this geeky-cool 3D photographic font for free

I’ve linked to a lot of free fonts in the past, but none have been so geeky-cool as this one. Shattered 3D is a photographic font, meaning each letter is actually a JPG file. You’ll have to arrange the individual letters in Photoshop, but the effect is stunning for the right design.

The free version includes only uppercase letters, but the pro version includes lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, backgrounds, and the must have particles for only $14.99.

Extensis announces Universal Type Server 3

Extensis Universal Type Server 3

Extensis Universal Type Server 3 makes font license compliance easy

Extensis has announced Universal Type Server 3, their industry-leading font server, which helps makes managing fonts and font licenses in multi-user environments easy. It’s like having a hired gun to enforce your font laws! (more…)