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Google releases Chrome alpha version for Mac

Google Chrome Google released a Mac version of their Chrome browser yesterday. The alpha version offers little features, and virtually nothing in the way of customizing yet, thus the alpha version. A public beta is coming soon, but in the meantime you can grab this first release of Google Chrome for Mac for testing purposes from the Chromium Blog. It’s wicked-fast!

Add Web Search to Gmail

If you use Google’s Gmail service and find yourself a tad-bit annoyed by the fact that you have to leave the Gmail interface to search for something, check you Labs tab at the top of your Gmail page for a solution. Google Gmail Rather than leaving Gmail, searching for a link, copying the link, switching back to Gmail and pasting the link in your email – you can turn on the Search Box feature. The feature adds a Google Search box to the left side of your Gmail interface. But that’s not all. When you perform your search, a drop-down menu is available next to the link of each search result allowing you to send the link via Google Chat or an email.

Gmail adds progress bars to attachments

One of the things that has always irked me with regards to Gmail was that it was never painfully obvious when you could actually send an email with all your attachments, or how long it was going to take to attach those files. You either sat and waited for the name to appear, or stared at the sending notification. Neither very productive. Thankfully, Google has added progress bars to the attachments area of Gmail. So now you can select multiple files, or one giant one if you wish, and know exactly what the progress of the attachment upload is. Gmail keeps getting better and better!

Friday link blitz

Friday Link Blitz

Photo by amrufm @ Flickr

TUAW reports that computer security company Trend Micro is reporting that a new Mac OS X malware application is making the rounds. The application, called OSX_LAMZEV.A, gives hackers a way to take control of infected Macs. This Adobe Blog entry shows you how you can use the Batch Processing feature in Adobe Acrobat to OCR multiple documents at once. Gmail fans have been building unofficial extensions to spice up their inboxes for a while. This past week however, Google rolled-out 30 official themes for their Gmail Web mail service. Also in Google news, LifeHacker reports that some logged-in Google users are seeing an interesting new feature enabled on their results pages. SearchWiki adds two buttons to the right of each result that let users move their favorite or most relevant results to the top spot or kill out a result entirely for their page only. Would you leave your job as a creative at an agency or design firm if you were so unhappy because your boss was managing every little detail that you couldn’t even think for yourself? Adelle Charles at FuelYourCreativity looks at Micromanaging a Creative in her latest blog post. Ever wanted to know how some freelancers jump on Web job postings before everyone else, and still manage to get the gig? Joel Falconer at FreelanceSwitch offers up a few techniques to get your name in the hate early, and still leave a lasting impression.

Google adds more control to Gmail IMAP

Google recently announced the addition of more IMAP control to their popular Gmail service. Gmail IMAP Controls, a Labs feature, now allows you to choose which labels to sync in IMAP-enabled desktop email client software like Apple’s Mail application. You can enable the new features by visiting the Labs tab in your Gmail Settings and ticking the enable radio button for Advanced IMAP Controls. After enabling the feature, visit the Labels tab and checking which Labels you wish to show up in your desktop email client software. Turning off “All Mail” in particular will cut down the amount of time (and amount of email) that your email app of choice takes to sync with Gmail’s servers. This also has the desirable result of having less email to search through and keep track of. There are a whole lot of feature additions at your fingertips via the Labs tab in your Gmail Settings, so make sure you check in there every once in a while to see if there’s something new and useful.

Photo collection of Google offices around the world

The lobby of the Zurich, Switzerland office are among the many photos on display of Google’s offices located around the world over at Hongkiat tech blog. Go ahead, tell me you wouldn’t want to work in a place like some of these! Google is one of the few companies who truly understands that one’s surroundings can make a profound impact on productivity, loyalty and employee retention.

Using Google wildcard feature to answer questions

It seems like every other day Google releases something new, or you learn something about the #1 search engine that you didn’t know about before. Today, I hope to have something for you in the latter category. It seems like every other day Google releases something new, or you learn something about the #1 search engine that you didn’t know about before. Today, I hope to have something for you in the latter category. Google offers fill-in-the-blank searching (also known as wildcards), in it’s search engine. You can ask simple questions in your search and use an asterisk to indicate the “answer” you’re looking for. For example, in the screenshot below, I’m searching for the name of the CEO of Apple. As you can see, I worded my question simply and used the asterisk in the proper location. In the screenshot above, you can see that I got the answer to my question. The feature works quite well, though it may take a time or two to figure out the best way to ask the question. Sometimes simply re-wording the question can bring about completely different answers.

Cool Web site: Montage-a-Google

web_montagoogle Montage-a-Google is one of those sites that isn’t immediately apparent how fun & useful it can be, but that should change fairly quick. Of course you could do this sort of thing manually, this Web-based application written by Grant Robinson makes it a bit more fun, and a little less work. As you can see by the sample above, I used the keyword “bikini” – a favorite subject matter of mine! I can think of a few projects I could have used this for, simply for a background image. Just remember, you don’t own the images used in the montage, it’s perfectly legal to use the images for personal use, but you might want to avoid using them in an ad for a national client!