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Tips for creating a better portfolio

Portfolio adviceWhether you’re a graphic designer or photographer, your portfolio is your best sales tool; so it only makes sense to make your portfolio the very best it can be. In 20+ years of being in the design business, I’ve seen some really great portfolios that left a long-lasting impression, and enough bad ones to pave a freeway with.

There are no set rules to arrive at a successful portfolio, but here are some sure-fire ways to set it on the right path. These tips apply mostly to a Web-based portfolio, but most also apply to a print version as well.

Night photography tips

night photography tips

Photo by inoc @ Flickr

Robin Ryan shares some fantastic tips over at Digital Photography School for digital photography enthusiasts who want to try their hand at night shooting. The same composition rules that apply to day apply to night, except with night we have our long exposures to take advantage of, but in this article, Robin shares some great advice to help you get started.

Tips for photographing pets

Pets fill very quickly their place in our hearts and families and we enjoy having their pictures framed on our desk or wall! However taking pictures of your best friend is not always easy. Pets, unlike humans, do not understand what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera!

photographing pets

Photo by José Luna @ Flickr

Digital Photography School has 9 tips for photographing pets that will help you help you get the most of your photo session.

Digital printing tips

Digital printing is a great way to produce low-quantity, fast turnaround color printing. In the past, digital meant extremely low quality, but these days some of the digital presses can reach near offset quality if you know a few tricks. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when printing digitally.


Gamut is the term used to describe the range of colors that a specific printing device can produce. If you’re coming from CMYK offset printing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that digital presses can handle up to a 20% wider color gamut. What this generally means is that you can use redder reds, greener greens and bluer blues. This can be a real plus when designing your marketing materials that have vivid images that traditional printing simply cannot reproduce in the CMYK color space. Now that you understand color gamut, let’s move on to how you can put it to work… (more…)

Tips for good print typography

Typography is a huge part of design and design is a huge part of type. You can’t just throw text on a page, it has to be laid out and organized in a clean way that adds to the information being presented. Spoonfed Design offers 11 tips for good typography to help you convey information in print the right way.

How to photograph fire

Fire, from a single candle to a raging inferno, presents some great opportunities to stretch your creative side. There are many different forms fire takes and a few different ways to attempt to capture those special images that convey the power, heat, subtlety or warmth that comes from the flame. Digital Photography School has a great little write-up containing lots of helpful tips for photographing fire. You would think it would be somewhat simple to do, but in my experience, it’s quite difficult. This article has some really helpful hints.