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Check your website’s Page and Alexa rank easily

For those who are interested (or obsessed) in knowing their website’s Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking, as well as keeping up with competing website rankings, Rranks is a quick and easy way to do so.


Click to check your website's Page & Alexa rank

Simply type the web address of the site you want to check into the box and you’re instantly given the site’s Page Rank, Alexa rank, and age of the site right down to the day.

Are we biting the hand that feeds us?

Newspaper revenueMost graphic designers (and computer users in general) are tech-savvy enough that they’ve long-since passed on reading newspapers and magazines in favor of reading digital versions on their phones, tablets and computer screens. I’m guilty, I’ll admit it. But are we, as designers, biting the hand that has feed us for so many years?

The newspaper industry has kept graphic designers thriving for many, many years. And while you can make the argument that the web is responsible for many tech-savvy designers keeping busy, it’s nowhere near the glory years of ad agencies employing dozens of designers and art directors to produce the ads required to fill a daily newspaper – not to mention the staff of graphic artists to handle the layout of all the ads and text.

The collapse of print advertising tells the tale better than I can.

Create an emboss text effect in Adobe Illustrator with this great tutorial

I recently had the need to create a realistic looking license plate for a project and I wanted to do it completely in Adobe Illustrator in order to keep it easily editable and total flexibility in sizing for later use. I knew I had read a tutorial years ago, so a quick search found it.

Create a realistic vector emboss text effect with this tutorial

Real World Illustrator offers this fantastic emboss text effect tutorial that yields near perfect results every time.

How NOT to use a QR Code

I recently wrote fantastic QR Code generator website that offers free analytics to go with the downloadable vector QR Code itself.


The biggest waste of money ever used in advertising... QR Code on an outdoor board

What the site does not tell you is how to use QR Codes that brings the most success. This is a fairly deep subject to discuss, so I thought I would share WTF QR CODES instead. The site features numerous visual examples of how NOT to use QR Codes… unless you really WANT it to fail. It wasn’t long before I came across my QR Code pet peeve, putting them on outdoor boards. What a waste! (more…)