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Extensis WebINK: New pricing, unlimited fonts & more!

Extensis WebINK

Extensis has unveiled groundbreaking changes to their leading web font service, WebINK. If you are a seasoned web developer or just getting started in the fast-paced world of web design, it’s time to check out WebINK.

WebINK brings fonts to your website design, quickly, easily and affordably. You just select your fonts, drop the provided CSS into your site code and publish. It really is that simple.

  • WebINK plans start at $20 per year
  • Access to the entire WebINK font catalog of 4200+ web fonts
  • Unlimited web sites
  • FREE live site prototyping
  • Unlimited fonts per site
  • No repeat visitor penalties – plans based on unique visitors, not page views
  • Easily transfer complete projects to clients

I use WebINK to power the fonts used here at The Graphic Mac. I can tell you that it truly is as simple as Extensis claims. (more…)

Fonts.com site redesign

Monotype Imaging has launched the public beta version of its re-furbished fonts.com Web site, with several new features.

Fonts.com beta site

Visit the new Fonts.com site and check out the new features, including:

  • The first site (and only) site to offer typefaces both through a Web font service and as desktop fonts
  • A new home page billboard area featuring inspirational typographic images, including the Massif typeface, a newly expanded design by Monotype’s Steve Matteson
  • Integrated search and browse control allows users to perform keyword searches, or browse or identify fonts without leaving the home page
  • Enhanced search tools

If you’d like to suggest new features or offer feedback on the site, feel free to click the ‘Feedback’ button found on every page of the new Fonts.com site.

Try web FontFonts on any site with FontFonter bookmarklet


Web FontFonts are high quality, screen-optimized fonts designed specifically for web use. FontFonter uses custom CSS and other techniques to temporarily replace a site’s font styles with Web FontFonts, making it a great tool for web designers to quickly see how their site will appear using different font combinations with doing any coding.

FontFonter also offers a handy browser bookmrarklet that works in Safari, Chrome and Firefox which brings up a small floating panel to allow you to select serif and sans-serif fonts to apply the site you’re currently viewing.

What do those abbreviations in font names mean?

Font names often contain cryptic abbreviations. It was even more murky in the “old days”, with severely strict limits on the length of fonts menu names. Although it’s gotten better over time, there are still plenty of font name abbreviations out there.

Font abbreviations

Abbreviations mostly fall in several common categories: foundry name, language, weight, and a few more. I’m embarrassed to admit that it was years before I knew the “SC” after a font’s name meant “SmallCaps.” Ugh!

In any case, Extensis has put together an exhaustive list of font abbreviations and their definitions, which you can check out here.

Seattle Rex vs. Apple – not everything about Apple is roses

So, there we were. Not more than 2 minutes into the trial, and Apple conceded to trying to hoodwink the judge.

This situation is typical of any corporation, but it’s sad to see our beloved Apple sinking to these legal tactics. Thankfully, this user prevailed. It’s really sad commentary on the state of our legal system, but also a black eye to Apple.

Read more about Apple’s tactics, if you can stomach it.

15 Gorgeous Examples of Travel and Leisure Brochures

A brochure made for a hotel, spa or anything related to relaxing must act like a mirror to the viewer’s desires. This type of brochure must make you dream of that location and to feel like you are in a vacation while reading it. It must sell the service even if you don’t have enough information about it.

Beautiful travel brochure inspiration

In this article you can see a collection of 15 gorgeous examples of brochures related to travel and leisure.

Read 15 Gorgeous Examples of Travel and Leisure Brochures