I’ve posted articles in the past that point freelancers in the right direction on how much to charge for design services. Today, I have yet another helpful link to help you along the way. For most designers pricing services is not something that is the highlight of the job. Still, it is something that you’ll have to deal with if you’re freelancing or working for a small firm. Vandaley Design lists 12 realities of pricing design services:

  1. There’s no exact formula.
  2. Both hourly pricing and project-based pricing have pros and cons.
  3. Pricing is a necessary part of freelancing.
  4. Mistakes are a part of the process.
  5. Your prices will affect your own outlook on your services and it will also impact your client’s opinion of your services.
  6. Uncertainty is Common.
  7. The variety of prices is as wide as the variety of talent levels.
  8. Losing a job isn’t always a bad thing.
  9. Pricing can be a good way to weed out the tire kickers.
  10. Some potential clients will think your prices are high no matter what you charge.
  11. Charging more than you quoted may be necessary.
  12. Starting out you’ll probably have to charge less than you’d like.

The articles goes in-depth on each topic, and is well worth the read. If you’re in the process of deciding how much to charge, you definitely want to check this article out.