We all know Google is the king of search, free Web-based email, and Web-based RSS feed readers. But there are a lot of other things you can use Google for which most people don’t know about. Here are just five useful things you can do with Google that I use fairly often:

Get the weather:

Type in weather Phoenix (or whatever city you wish) into the Google search box to get a quick glance of the local weather conditions.

Define a word:

No need to go to a Dashboard widget, or dictionary.com. Just type define:corporation (or whatever word you wish) in to the Google search box for a quick definition.

Track your packages:

Waiting on delivery of that new Mac? Find out where the package is by entering your tracking number into the Google search box to be taken directly to the tracking page on the appropriate site. Works with UPS, FedEx and USPS.

What time is it in…:

Find out what time it is somewhere else in the world. It’s easy – just enter time new york (or whatever city you wish) into the search box to get your answer.

Get more info:

If you want more info about a particular Web site, or find related sites to the one you search on, simply enter info:thegraphicmac.com (or any other Web site you wish) to get more info about the site, including similar sites, pages that link to the site, and pages the site links to. With all of these quick tricks, pay particular attention to which ones use a space between words, and which ones use a colon with no spaces between words. Perhaps someone can find an official list on one of Google’s blogs which contain all the handy features you can use Google for besides searching for other sites.