SecondBarIf you happen to be lucky enough to have a second monitor hooked-up to your Mac, you’ve no doubt wished you could access your menubar on the second monitor at some point. While Apple doesn’t give you this feature, and likely never will, a simple little app brings most of the functionality you’re looking for, and more.

SecondBar is a small utility that does exactly what you would expect, it adds a Mac OS X menubar to your second monitor; giving you full access to your Apple, File, Edit, View, Go, Window and Help menus, as well as placing a clock in the far right position.

What it will not give you is all the additional menubar application icons you may be used to, such as TimeMachine, Airport, DropBox, etc., as you can see in the screenshot below.

SecondBar for Mac OS X

Standard Mac OS X menubar on top, SecondBar's menubar on the bottom

Now if you don’t have a second monitor, or you do have one and don’t see the need for a second menubar, you still might find a great use for this app – as I did.

SecondBar adds a killer feature to Mac OS X’s Finder, which is the ability to move and resize windows with the click of the mouse. As you can see in the screenshot below, the SecondBar preferences allow you to customize actions when clicking on the window action widgets in the upper left corner of each window.


SecondBar offers window size & position customization

This feature alone was enough to sell me on the app. With a 30″ LCD screen, I really don’t need a second monitor (though I do have one), but the ability to automatically size and move two windows to fill both sides of my screen is fantastically handy!

SecondBar is free of charge, but does come with an utterly annoying problem. If you DON’T have the second menubar showing (yes, you can turn it off for use with one monitor), you can’t access the preferences or quit the app – at least, I couldn’t find a way. This forces you to launch Activity Monitor and quit it there. Still, SecondBar is an incredibly useful application for those with a second monitor, and even those who don’t.