Anti-glare film for laptopsIf you’re not a fan of the glossy LCD screens Apple puts on all new laptops, iMacs and the 24″ LCD display, this product is for you! RADTech offers ClearCal, an anti-glare film for glossy displays, that significantly reduces glare, is easy to apply, and can be removed and washed a number of times. I have a glossy-screen MacBook Pro. While I’ve not really had a problem with the glossy displays, save for a few working hours in bright sunlight, I can see how a product like ClearCal can be a life-saver for photographers and designers who work outdoors, or in an office with a large window or bright light source behind them. ClearCal costs $20 for laptops, and $25 for the iMac 24″ and 24″ Cinema Display.