Eltima Airy

I can’t tell you how many browser extensions I’ve used over the years who’s sole purpose was to download YouTube videos. Every single one of them was either a miserable experience, riddled with ads, or stopped working after each YouTube or browser update. Most get abandoned by the developer after either happens.

Stand alone apps aren’t much better. Most look horrible, and nearly all are overly complicated for accomplishing the single job I task them with; downloading YouTube videos.

I recently had the need to download a YouTube video, and of course, the app I had installed didn’t work anymore. Purely by coincidence, the developer of Airy reached out to me to see if I had tried it. I hadn’t, but I’m glad I did.

Airy is a small stand-alone application for OS X that does one simple thing. It downloads YouTube videos to your Mac—without the commercials, I might add. And unlike virtually every app and plugin I’ve tried, it’s elegant in its appearance and functionality.

Airy download window

Airy allows you to download videos by either pasting a YouTube video URL into the app’s entry box, or by clicking a browser bookmarklet which Airy offers as an option (found under the Airy menu of the app). The bookmarklet works in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, though I suppose it would work in any modern Mac browser. Either way, the downloading and saving happens in the Airy app.

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You can choose from several formats for saving your downloaded videos, including: FLV (Flash Video), MP4, WebM, or 3GP—and you can choose the resolution based on the video you’re downloading. If all you want is the audio, you can choose save only the audio track in MP3 format.

Airy is so simple, there isn’t even a preferences panel to configure. You paste the URL of the video you want, choose the format you want it in, and watch as the progress bar indicates the remaining time left to download.

You can give Airy a try by downloading the demo (five free video downloads). If you like it, you can buy a license for $19.95. Of course, you don’t want to pay full price, so enter the coupon code: THGM-DSC at checkout time for a 30% discount!

Happy downloading!