Apple settles "millions of colors" lawsuit

Apple LCD lawsuit

Apple has settled out of court, for an undisclosed amount, a lawsuit over their claim that several of their LCD displays show millions of colors when they actually don't.

If you haven't heard, the displays in question (mostly the 20" iMac and MacBook displays) claim to show users millions of colors. In actuality, they are only capable of showing thousands of true colors and use a dithering process to simulate millions. While the average user never notices the difference, many users claim that the difference is quite apparent in certain situations.

A San Diego Superior Court clerk announced that the plaintiffs settled due to the fact that they couldn't find enough people to join them in the suit that felt they were "wronged" because the only reason they bought the Mac was for the millions of colors display.

Well duh! While I don't agree with Apple's tactics and marketing claims in this case, I have to say that this was sort of a B.S. case anyway. While the displays may show some signs of dithering in gradients and certain color situations, the average consumer would never notice the difference to begin with.

Given that Apple is one of the few high-profile tech companies actually doing well in this economy, I don't expect this will be the last frivolous lawsuit we see brought against Apple.

Frivilous, maybe, but...

There is still the fact that it was a fraudulent claim made by Apple. It shouldn't take a class action lawsuit to fix, I agree, but at the same time, Apple should make it more clear what the capabilities of the monitor are.

As I said in the article...

I don't think Apple took the high-road with their claim of millions of colors. On the other hand, you CAN see millions of colors, it's just a question of HOW you see them. You don't see natural millions, just dithered millions.

hard to defend apple here

they made the fraudulent claim. whether the "average consumer" can tell isn't really relevant. i'm not sure i would call this "frivolous." if it doesn't really matter, then why would apple have to lie about it to try to increase sales?

Hair splitting, legal b.s.

Hair splitting, legal b.s. aside, the real gotcha is that all those missing colors are illusions. There are only three colors. If you don't know which 3, you won't care about the "missing millions" of colors.

This is frivolous because with dithering and a high-enough resolution--you can't tell what the frak is going on. Optical illusions are actually realities when perceiving color. Swiftboating anyone?

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