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50+ Free designer fonts

InkyDeals free fonts
InkyDeals has offered-up more than 50 delicious designer fonts, completely free to download. All are high-quality, handcrafted display fonts in OpenType or TrueType (or both). They’re perfect for website, brochure and ad headlines, logos, and presentations.

They’re only available for a short time, so download the fonts now.

New look for the site

If you’re not a first-time visitor to The Graphic Mac, you’ve no doubt noticed that the site has changed dramatically. Not just the blog theme, but the color scheme as well. The color scheme change goes against everything I know about “branding” – but quite frankly, I was tired of the bright green. I may even switch the colors on a whim, or go back to the bright green in the future. Who knows.

The layout is a little easier for me to manage. Regular posts get the larger headlines with white background. While link posts, those post that simply point to a page on another site when you click the headline here, have a smaller and italicized headline with a grey background. Everything else, you’ll figure out on your own.

This change to the site, like others in the past, is not meant to be “creative improvement.” I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating: I don’t care about the design of this site. It’s about the content. And because this site is a hobby for me, I have to make it as easy for me to manage as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I value input if you have it, so feel free to share in the comments.