If you’ve followed this site for a long time, you’ll know my utter hatred for Flash Web sites. I find them clunky, slow and generally not worth the time it takes to load when all is said-and-done. In most cases, it appears that the designer built the site simply to show off the fact that they know every nifty Flash trick in the book. But there are always exceptions, and Buffalo Wild Wings is one of them.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has one of the few really cool Flash sites

The site is uber-cool. Moving your mouse over virtually everything results in something happening. Sometimes it’s as simple as a sound-effect, other times a menu pops-up, or a list of locations, etc. Buffalo Wild Wings is a fun sports bar – so it doesn’t have to present valuable information in an overly-simplified matter. The site simply exists to promote itself, tell you a bit about the business, where they’re located, and notify you of any promotions they may have going on. I love the fact that it’s a single-page site, and I’m not forced to sit through worthless intro-videos on every page. Check it out!