Creating an image mosaic can be a fun and creative way to spice up your personal or commercial project. Depending on your needs, there are a few different resources available to help you out with what would be virtually impossible to do manually unless you had an enormous amount of patience and an endless supply of images to work with. The Image Mosaic Generator is a Web-based image mosaic creator. This Web app allows you to upload the full sized image you wish to create a mosaic of, then wait while it does its magic. The process if fairly quick, and you can download the final result. You have no control over the images used to create the mosaic, but it’s certainly the fastest and easiest way to go about creating the mosaic. For those who need much more control over the mosaic, you can try Funtastic Photos, which I reviewed for Macworld’s Gems blog here. An image mosaic feature is built-in. It’s a great program that does a whole lot of other things beyond creating image mosaics. For a more dedicated image mosaic creation app, the best one I’ve come across is MacOSaiX. This dedicated image mosaic creation app has been around for a long time, and is probably the most customizable app for creating image mosaics. It offers the ability to choose which photos are used to create the mosaic from images you already have on your Mac, or use Google or Flickr image searches to find more. You can also have it use Font Glyphs if you so choose. MacOSaix is also quite intelligent when choosing which photos are used where in the final Mosaic, based on the color found in the images. You can also choose which shape the photos are, and how many tiles (images) are used to create the final mosaic. Be warned though, the larger the mosaic you wish to create, the longer it will take to create. And by longer, I mean REALLY LONG, as in hours in some cases. But the results from MacOSaiX are stunning to say the least, and well worth the wait.