One of the most often asked questions by new designers, part-time freelancers and those wishing to make a go at freelancing full time is what to charge. It’s a tough spot. Charge too much and you don’t get the work, charge too little and you end up with a bad taste in your mouth from eating frozen burritos 3 times a day. What I find the most is that most designers don’t charge enough. I’ve heard of people doing entire Web sites for $1,000, brochures for $300 or charging a whopping $25 an hour. This is insane! Here are some helpful hints on figuring out what you should charge: How Do You Rate?, by Neil Tortorella This article is pretty in-depth and covers all the bases with regards to taxes, lifestyle, etc. The Art of Business: Finally, a Design Contract for the Little Guy, an interview with Shel Perkins and Jim Faris, members of the AIGA, which discusses the benefits of getting a contract with a client. Ms. Perkins is largely responsible for drafting the official AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Graphic Design Services. Freelancers: Get Your Money, by Rachel Goldstein A great little article covering the most important part of pricing a project, which is getting paid!