I reviewed Folx back in mid-2011, and found it to be quite good as far as Internet downloaders go.

If you’re not familiar with Folx or Internet download managers, I encourage you to read the previously linked review. It’ll give you an excellent idea of what Folx can do.

While ISPs have offered faster and faster broadband download speeds, the number of files we download, and their overall size has grown much faster. That’s where Folx comes in.

Folx speeds up your downloads by intercepting the download from Safari, Chrome or Firefox, and splitting the download into multiple threads (sort of like downloading the file in pieces from multiple computers and joining them together at the end). The larger the file, the greater the speed increase you’ll likely see; and you’ll also see speed increases when downloading lots of smaller files at the same time.

Folx 3

Folx 3 improves upon the previous versions in several ways. The most obvious is an improved user interface. Previous versions looked like a cheap port of a Windows application. Folx 3 looks much more at home on the Mac. It also added support for Firefox and Retina display Macs, which were lacking in the past.

File download tags, a file manager for easy browsing of previously downloaded files, Quick Look integration and a mini controller have been added to the latest upgrade. And Folx has also been blessed with improvements in speed and stability.

There are two versions of Folx 3: Free and Pro. The free version offers dual thread downloads. The pro version can split downloads in up to ten threads. Folx Pro also allows scheduling of downloads, as well as the ability to sleep or shut down your Mac after the download completes. Folx Pro also adds iTunes integration, allowing you to add your music and video downloads into iTunes playlists and keep the tags associated with the download.

Folx isn’t for everyone. Casual downloaders can see a benefit with the free version of Folx 3. However, if after trying it you find that you can benefit from Folx Pro, use the following coupon code for a 15% discount of the regular price of $20: GRAPH-MAC-15.