In an effort to promote their stock photography, Crestock offers a Daily Free Stock Photo from their Web site. This isn’t just a Web-sized image, these are full resolution, high-quality images you can download in a variety of sizes. A new image is available each day, but once the new image is posted, the image from the previous day is gone forever, so you have to remember to grab it. Crestock has an RSS Feed for the free images to show you which image they’re giving away each day, or you can just add it to your start tabs in your Web browser. All you need to do is register with Crestock to download these images. I’ve been downloading these images for quite some time, and have used several of them for print projects, as well as this site. I like Crestock because the images they provide seem to be more colorful and creatively shot than many stock photo suppliers. They’re one of the first places I search at when I need an image for a client project.