Free stock photos: San Francisco signs

Free stock photos: San Francisco signs

04/16/2010 9:00 am

On a recent vacation with my wife, I snapped nearly 1,000 photos – most of which will be of absolutely no interest to you whatsoever. But I did manage to (for some strange reason) collect 46 photos of signs in San Francisco, as well as a few from Alcatraz island.

San Francisco signs

46 random signs in San Francisco - for no apparent reason

Feel free to download and use these images in your work if you have a use for them. If you use them on the Web I would appreciate a link back to this article, but it isn’t a requirement.

All the images are stored on Flickr, and are approximately 3,400 x 2,300 pixels at 72dpi (approximately 11.5 x 7.5 inches at 300dpi), so they’ll work for commercial print if you so desire. Just click the photo you wish to download, then click the “All Sizes” button above the photo to choose the size image you want.

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