Friday Link Blitz

Photo by amrufm @ Flickr

TUAW reports that computer security company Trend Micro is reporting that a new Mac OS X malware application is making the rounds. The application, called OSX_LAMZEV.A, gives hackers a way to take control of infected Macs. This Adobe Blog entry shows you how you can use the Batch Processing feature in Adobe Acrobat to OCR multiple documents at once. Gmail fans have been building unofficial extensions to spice up their inboxes for a while. This past week however, Google rolled-out 30 official themes for their Gmail Web mail service. Also in Google news, LifeHacker reports that some logged-in Google users are seeing an interesting new feature enabled on their results pages. SearchWiki adds two buttons to the right of each result that let users move their favorite or most relevant results to the top spot or kill out a result entirely for their page only. Would you leave your job as a creative at an agency or design firm if you were so unhappy because your boss was managing every little detail that you couldn’t even think for yourself? Adelle Charles at FuelYourCreativity looks at Micromanaging a Creative in her latest blog post. Ever wanted to know how some freelancers jump on Web job postings before everyone else, and still manage to get the gig? Joel Falconer at FreelanceSwitch offers up a few techniques to get your name in the hate early, and still leave a lasting impression.