Low Battery Saver is a simple, elegant app that lets you decide when to get a low battery warning, and safely sleeps or hibernates your Mac laptop before it dies. Unlike the built-in battery indicator in the menubar, which is easily missed, Low Battery Saver displays a low battery warning at your specified time that you cannot miss.

Low Battery Saver

As you can see above, a large red bar appears across the bottom of your screen to let you know the battery is running low. After that, you’ll receive a notification that your laptop will sleep in X amount of time (you decide how much time that is in the preferences.

Low Battery Saver prefs

Set the amount of time before the large red warning bar appears, then how long before the laptop sleeps, as well as a warning before it sleeps. Quite frankly, if you lose a file due to battery drain while using this utility, you deserve the grief you’ll suffer.

Low Battery Saver (Mac App Store Link) is a handy little utility if you work primarily on a laptop. The loss of a single file because your battery dies can be devastating, so Low Battery Saver pays for itself at only $1.99.