CreativeTechs has a great article covering InDesign’s Info Palette. The info palette is often overlooked in InDesign because unless you know about all it has to offer, you don’t immediately see the value in using it. Most people who have at least opened the Info palette know that it will tell you the document’s location on your hard drive, the size of the file and the date and time of the last modification made. But there’s so much more. As the article at CreativeTechs explains, the Info palette also informs you of the size, type, resolution, color space and embedded color profile of any images you click on in your InDesign document. And for text, it can offer even more. Characters, paragraphs, lines and word count of the document is just the start. You can also find out that information on just the text you have selected. And for the text you can’t see, you can check on the word count of text that is hidden in the text overflow. Very handy! Now you can tell your writing partner that they need to shorten their copy by “x” amount of words, rather than saying “cut a whole lot of it.”