iPhone Home buttonIf your iPhone’s Home button appears to be “stuck” or otherwise unresponsive, and a reboot doesn’t fix the problem, there is one more quick fix to try before taking your phone to the local Apple Store for repair. Many times, recalibrating the home button will do the trick!

To recalibrate the Home button, do the following:[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Launch the Calendar app (or other stock iPhone app like Mail or Stocks)
  2. Press the Sleep/Wake button at the top right of your iPhone and hold it down until the red slider appears on screen
  3. As soon as the red slider appears, press and hold the Home button until the red slider disappears
  4. The iPhone home button should now be recalibrated, but you might want to reboot the iPhone anyway


I’ve had this problem twice with my iPhone 4 and both times this did the trick. To be clear, this is a software problem/fix. If your Home button is physically stuck in the down/pressed position, then you’ll definitely need to take it in to the Apple Store for repair.