While I’ve come across many reviews for iPhone, iPad and iPod apps scattered across the web, I haven’t found a decent site that specialized in it. The closest I’ve found is Appshopper.com, a site that pulls descriptions, screenshots and links from the iTunes Store down and presents it in a blog-style site.


Appshopper brings your app exploration to a blog-style site

While appshopper does little more than reorganize what is already available to you, it does offer a better way to just explore, finding apps you may not have thought of checking out or searching for. If you like a particular app, the site will also display a list of other apps by that developer. You can also add apps to your own wishlist.

Appshopper isn’t as useful as I would like, but it’s a great start, and I’m not aware of any site that offers more. If you know of one, please share the link in the comments!