LittleIpsum iconIn publishing, graphic design and web development, lorem ipsum is placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the layout elements of a document or visual presentation.

The lorem ipsum text is typically a section of a Latin text by Cicero with words altered, added and removed that make it nonsensical in meaning and not proper Latin.

As designers, we all use it. There are web-based lorem ipsum genererators, but they’re all a pain to use because you have to launch a browser and go to the site to use them. It adds unnecessary steps. There has to be a better solution. Enter LittleIpsum.


LittleIpsum generates just the right amount of filler text

LittleIpsum is a Mac OS X Menubar app that does only one thing, but does it very well. It provides you with one-click access (via your clipboard) of single words, multiple sentences, or entire paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text. After clicking the Menubar icon, you simply drag your mouse over the amount of text you want copied to your clipboard. It can even wrap your chosen text in HTML tags by right-clicking on the Menubar icon.

LittleIpsum uses very little of your system resources, supports Growl Notifications, and doesn’t require an Internet connection to work. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

You can grab LittleIpsum on the Mac App Store, or via the link on the developer’s website. I love LittleIpsum because it’s easy to use, always accessible and doesn’t try to be more than what it should be.