For those of us who use Instagram on our iPhone, the one annoying thing is that it’s cumbersome to share those photos with anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone with Instagram installed.


A fun way to share your Instagram photos with everyone

You can share your photos on Facebook & Twitter through the app, but it’s an extra step that you may not want to take. Thankfully, there’s a great way to share your Instagram photos with anyone, no iPhone required.

PhotoPile takes your Instagram photo feed and places your pics on your own PhotoPile web page. Visually, it looks like you spilled a bag of instant camera photos into a pile on the top of your desk (see image above).

Hovering over even a barely visible photo with your mouse temporarily moves the photo to the top of the pile, clicking on it enlarges the photo and dims the rest of the page. To the left of the enlarged photo are small avatars of the Instagram users who have “Liked” your photo. On the right, you’ll find little notes containing the comments about your photo (see image below). Clicking either the avatar or the username link takes you to that user’s Instagram PhotoPile page.


Likes and comments are visible with the enlarged photos

If you have a lot of Instagram photos, a link on the top right of the page takes you to more screens containing your photos. And for those who want to discover new images and people to follow, a tag/user search box is always available.

I like PhotoPile because it loads quick and doesn’t try to drown me in frivolous user interface and needless features. It displays my Instagram photos with no effort on my part, and that’s all I want it to do.