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Easily find out if your website has been pinned on Pinterest

If you have a blog or website, you probably have some interest in knowing where your visitors are coming from. One of the hottest new social sites on the web is Pinterest, so naturally you’ll want to know if images or pages from your site have been pinned on Pinterest.

Pinterest source

Thankfully, Pinterest makes it easy to see everything from your site on one page. Simply use the Source filter on the Pinterest site by going to:
Be sure to substitute your web address where you see thegraphicmac.com bolded in the URL above.

Generate QR Codes with analytics

Delivr QR Codes

Delivr offers QR Codes in a variety of formats, as well as a clickable link

I’ve mentioned QR Code generators in the past, but none can touch the usefulness of Delivr. Delivr doesn’t stop with generating QR Codes in a number of file formats, including vector. It’s a useful marketing tool that helps you track the results of your QR Code via detailed analytics.

Delivr QR Code analytics

With Delivr, you can log in to your dashboard to view detailed analytics on your QR Codes, including how many views your code generates and weather or not it was a web click or mobile scan. Other useful information includes time of scan, city, location coordinates the scan took place (plotted on a map!) and more.