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Firefox 4 leads Mac browsers in battery life

Web browser effects on battery life

Firefox 4 is the best battery life browser for Mac users

Microsoft has released a fairly extensive study of browser use on laptop computers and the effects on battery life. Not surprisingly, IE 9 comes out in the lead overall. As far as Mac browsers go, Firefox 4 takes the crown, followed by Chrome and Safari. Opera brings up the rear in the study.

I’m not sure about the usefulness of the information, as your use of the browser is only one aspect in terms of how long your MacBook’s battery lasts. And how many people use enough Watts of power just surfing the web? But the information provided is interesting nonetheless.

Site News: Browser and OS visitor stats

Just for giggles, I took a look at The Graphic Mac’s site statistics, including what Web browser was used the most, and on what OS platform. While there were no surprises, I did notice some rather interesting percentages. This is a Mac focused site, but roughly 28% of visitors here are using a Windows-based computer. I forgive those users though, because nearly 16% of those users are cool enough to use Firefox or some other non-I.E. browser. The other 12% need to get with the program and switch to the uber-awesome Firefox! Also of note is the fact that Google Chrome has been out for only about a week and it’s already popping up in browser stats. I attribute that to a lot of people testing it out. I wonder how many of those users are running Chrome on a Mac using VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.