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Yoink updated with Yosemite compatibility and new features

Yoink 3

Eternal Storms Software recently released Yoink 3, an upgrade to their incredibly useful drag and drop utility.

Yoink 3 makes drag and drop of files and app content between windows, (fullscreen) apps and Spaces easier by providing a “shelf” where file drags can be temporarily placed—allowing the mouse to be free to move and navigate to the destination of the drag. This is especially helpful when it comes to windows in different spaces, apps or fullscreen windows. You can view the demo video on the Eternal Storms website to give you a better idea of what it does, but I assure you that if you use OS X’s Full Screen feature, it’s almost a must have!

Yoink 3 Features

  • Yoink’s window can now be resized or automatically adjusted in height based on the number of files in it
  • Quickly view files in a file-stack in Yoink by right-clicking onto it
  • A fresh, new look that fits in perfectly with Yosemite
  • A new, hand-crafted App-Icon and interface elements throughout the app
  • Improvements and bug fixes, like better QuickLook Previews, cleaned-up preferences and better localization of filenames and paths

Yoink 3 is available on the Mac App Store for $4.99. If you’re already a Yoink user, the upgrade is free! Yoink is designed for and requires OS X Lion or newer – OS X Yosemite is recommended.

I absolutely love this little utility, it’s one of the few I’ve come across that has had staying power on my Macs.

Drag & drop between OS X Full Screen apps just got easier

I get to try a LOT of applications and utilities, but few of them remain installed on my Macs for the long haul. This is especially true of small shareware utilities that tend to solve a relatively minor issue that few people even consider a problem to begin with.

When I tried Yoink, from Eternal Storms Software, I suspected this might be yet another one of those apps that was more trouble than the problem it attempted to solve. After using it for a short while, I was happy to find this was not the case at all.

When Lion shipped with the Full Screen feature, I found it to be cumbersome to use all the time because it limited drag & drop access between the Finder and apps that were in Full Screen mode. The problem for me was, I was really starting to enjoy using Full Screen with as many apps that would support it. Yoink solves the single, very annoying problem.


Yoink places a small window on your screen as soon as you start dragging a file which you can then drop the file on to store it. You can drag multiple files to the window if you wish. Then when you’re ready to drop the files into another program, you simply drag them out of the window. Normally, Yoink’s window lives on the screen edge, but you can configure it to appear just next to your mouse cursor when you start dragging a file.

I find Yoink particularly useful when I want to attach several files located in multiple locations in the Finder into Mail when it’s in Full Screen mode.

You can view a brief video of Yoink in action, then purchase Yoink here for only $2.99. If you’re unsure if Yoink will work for you, there is a 15-day trial available.

InDesign drag & drop text shortcuts

InDesignAdobe InDesign offers plenty of shortcuts, but there are a few that don’t get much attention that are quite handy once you get used to using them. One of the areas that is often neglected is InDesign’s ability to drag & drop text, rather than using copy & paste.

Drag & Drop Text EditingTo take advantage of InDesign’s drag & drop features, you first have to turn it on. You can do this by visiting InDesign’s preferences by navigating to InDesign>Preferences>Type, or hitting Command + K and selecting the Type item in the source list on the left of the prefs window. About half-way down in the Type prefs window you’ll see the Drag & Drop Text Editing section. Check the Enable in Layout View box.

Now that the feature is turned on, you can select any text in an InDesign text frame, then click, hold and drag the highlighted text. Releasing the mouse button drops the text into place. That alone can be a real time saver when you’re editing text. But the fun is just starting…

Drag instead of “Place” files into InDesign

Did you know that you can drag any file ID can place normally right from an application, or the Finder? If you have a folder full of images and text, select them all and drag them to an open ID window. Wherever your mouse is when you let go, that’s where ID will start displaying the images/text (it will cascade them down the page). As you are dragging the files from the finder, you should notice a ghosted icon for each file over the ID window as you drag it around. id_drag-to-window You can also open a MS Word file with tables in it, select it all and drag it to an open ID window – which will keep the Word Table intact & editable. (QUITE HANDY!). This tip is a great time-saver if you have a lot of images to place all contained in one folder. Once they’re in ID, you can size them and move them around normally.