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Free textures: Black & white grunge

Grunge backgrounds can be an extremely simple and good looking way to enhance the background of your design. But many times, the colorful grunge backgrounds are just too much.

Black & White Grunge Textures

These textures offer a subtle way of adding grunge to your design

This set of Black & White Grunge background textures, by Caleb Kimbrough, offers you subtle way to add that grunge effect, without the heaviness of most of the textures out there. Each of the five textures measures approximately 8×10.5 inches at 300 dpi, making them perfect for commercial printing.

Loads of free fonts for designers

Rather than contribute yet another blog post listing boat-loads of free fonts, I figured I would just shoot you a few quick links to other sites that list them.

Free font lists

Plenty of sites list free fonts in their blog posts

Smashing Magazine is a great site for finding lots of free resources. This posting lists 20 great fonts, but there are plenty more if you have the time to go through them.

Another cool site is InstantShift. Among the many free font lists available at InstantShift is this one listing 36 free fonts, and this one, listing 35 more fonts.

There are plenty of other blogs out there that list fonts available for free, requiring only a Google search to find them. Of course, you could always start with the king of all font sites, DaFont.

Free Font: Outlaw

Outlaw font

Billy Argel blends grunge and western styles in this free font

There are fonts you use every day, then there are those priceless ones you only bust out for a special occasion. Outlaw is one of those fonts you may only use once, but you’ll be happy you have it when you do. Outlaw features a fantastic grunge appearance on a western-style font. The author of the font, Billy Argel, is particularly good at creating grunge fonts – so be sure to check out his other fonts available on DaFont.

Free textures: Grunge, paper, fabric and more

Zen Textures

Zen Textures offers a plethora of neatly categorized textures, free for commercial use

Zen Textures offers a plethora of free textures for downloading and use in your designs. Among the categories of textures are: rocks, stone, bokeh, rust, wood, cardboard, and concrete.

Yet another free texture site worthy of bookmarking!

Free Photoshop brushes: Grunge stripes

Worn Lines is a fantastic grunge stripe set of high-resolution Photoshop brushes that makes adding a little flair to your background images simple.

Worn Lines brushes

A great set of grungy lined Photoshop brushes

Worn Lines, a 20MB download, includes ten 2,500 x 2,500 pixel brushes, and is available from QBrushes. Be sure to check out the multitude of great brushes available while you’re there.

Free textures: Weathered wood

A small collection of four high-resolution (2,300 x 3,400 pixels) images of a wood door I shot at the Japanese Gardens in Golden Gate Park while I was in San Francisco.

Weathered Wood Textures

Free high-resolution weathered wood textures

I had no real need for them at the time, but I loved the weathered texture and the metal accents. Feel free to use these images for commercial or private use, they are released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

You can download the weathered wood textures on my Flickr page.

Free textures: Re-stained paper

Textures are the backbone of so many designs, they can really add flair to your layout, and save you hours of time looking for a substitute design, or shooting your own photos. Lost & Taken has so many great textures available that it would take hours to list them all.

Re-Stained Paper textures

Lost & Taken is one of my favorite texture sites

Re-Stained Paper is just one of many awesome texture packs available for download. The Re-Stained Paper textures measure approximately 2,200 x 3,200 pixels in size, and are free to use for personal or commercial work.

Free stock photos: Ice Cream Sundae

If you have the need for them, you’re more than welcome to use these high-resolution photos of the most spectacular ice cream sundae I’ve ever had in my life in any way you see fit. If you use it on a website, I would love a credit link back to the Flickr page. I received several email requests for the image after it appeared in my design inspiration post last week.

Ice Cream Sundae 1

Click image to go to download page - choose Original Size

Ice Cream Sundae 2

Click image to go to download page - choose Original Size

Ice Cream Sundae 3

Click image to go to download page - choose Original Size

The images are released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, and the original size download is approximately 3264 x 2448 pixels – plenty large enough for commercial printing.

Free textures: Bokeh

Bokeh is the way a camera lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Bokeh textures can make for beautiful backgrounds and a simple way to add a little interest to your design layouts.

Bokeh textures

Out of focus light (Bokeh) can make beautiful highlight elements in your design layout

This free pack of ten Bokeh textures will give you a great start to your collection. Each texture in the pack is approximately 6.5 x 5 inches at 300dpi.

Free vector art: Leaves

Adding leaves (particularly green ones) appears to be a trend that has held on for quite a while. If you’re looking to add a little “green” to your logo design, here are a few resources to download to make your job a little easier.

Free pile of leaves

Grab your free vector leaf artwork

While the linked artwork is all free, be sure to check for any license-restrictions on the individual download pages.