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Free Scratch Textures

scratch textures Bittbox has released their latest Free Texture Tuesday collection, titled Scratches Five very nice high-resolution textures are available for download. I’m a big fan of textures for use in my designs. They make excellent background images and overlays.

Free animated Keynote backgrounds

Jumsoft has expanded their Goodies bundle, a collection of applications and designs available from company’s Web site free of charge. The company added ten Keynote motion backgrounds to the vastly popular collection. The animated backgrounds are extremely easy to use, as users can simply drag and drop them onto their presentations as any other movie or picture. You can download the latest Keynote Motion Backgrounds collection (88MB), as well as a number of other free goodies for other iWork apps.

Free sticky tape brushes & textures

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Fudgegraphics has a collection of sticky tape brushes and textures to enhance your latest Photoshop design. The Brush collection is a single, 25.3MB file, containing 15 brushes averaging over 2,000 pixels in size. The Texture collection is a 39MB ZIP file containing 15 PNG files of the same images as the brush set. You can download Sticky Tape absolutely free from Fudgegraphics.

Free InDesign style sheet template

If you have a long text document to format and aren’t quite familiar with setting up Style Sheets in Adobe InDesign, this free pre-made Style Sheet template is just for you. The template is based on an OpenType mix of two fonts fonts (Meta Serif/Sans Pro), but can easily be changed to another pair of fonts. Besides directly using modifying the styles, exploring the file will give you some great ideas of how to achieve different looks through the use of paragraph and character styles. The download includes the following styles and more:

  • Semantically named paragraph and character styles
  • 3 subheading levels, with and without automatic numbering
  • Bullet and numbered lists in 2 levels
  • Paragraph with and without indents
  • Drop cap paragraph
  • Quote
  • Table style
  • Text box styles
  • Caption
  • Text formatting styles
  • Footnote layout

The article from InDesigning.net explains how to load and use the styles in your InDesign document, as well as provides a PDF file showing off the styles in a sample document. The document was created in InDesign CS4, and is quite handy because it saves you the time of setting up a style sheet from scratch – allowing you to simply edit an existing one.

Free font: Amerika

free font Among the many quality fonts available for free from Fontex.org is Amerika. I really like the curves of this font. Amerika contains a serif, sans-serif and alternates version in the download. Fontex is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, so be sure to check out all the other fonts available on the site.

Free font: BlackJack

One thing a designer can never have enough of is fonts. As I look in my Suitcase Fusion 2 database, I see that I have over 4,100 fonts – one of which I just added this morning. Free font BlackJack is a beautifully designed script font by Typadelic, and available for free from FontSquirrel. While you’re there, be sure to check out the growing list of excellent fonts available.

Free raindrop textures

You know what they say: “Spring showers bring awesome textures to everyone… and flowers – for free!” Raindrop-textures The latest Bittbox Free Texture Tuesday selection available is Rainy Day, five beautiful high-resolution raindrop textures available for download, and ready to use in your next Photoshop project.

Free application icon screensaver

While the true usefulness of screensavers can be debated (screen burn-in for the most part is a thing of the past), there’s no debating that they’re just plain fun to look at.

Econ uses the icons in your Applications folder to create a nifty screensaver of the icons flying through space. The video above is rather choppy, but the actual screensaver is quite fluid, and looks awesome on a large screen.

250+ design template photos

Many times I find myself having to mock-up designs on various items such as bags, DVD covers, coffee mugs, and other various gift items for clients. Having an archive full of blank photos of such items goes a long way in making the task easier. Design template photos (more…)