SafariAfter years of loving the speed of the Safari web browser but hating the lack of features, I was anxious to see what Apple had in store for us with Safari 5. Unfortunately, I’ve found the most annoying behavior still exists, and it keeps me from using Safari on a regular basis.

For many years I was a fan of Firefox – mostly due to extensions, which I used heavily. While Safari was faster, it just lacked too much for my day-to-day use. When Google released Chrome for the Mac, I switched almost immediately. The developer releases contained extension support long ago, and I was happy to take advantage of the new speed, along with most all the extensions I used.

When Apple recently released Safari 5 with extension support, I decided to give it another try.

It only took a few days for developers to start releasing useful extensions. I’ve been using Safari 5 for a week or two now, and so far I like it. I’m not sure I’m ready to leave Chrome any time soon, mostly because there’s one thing that prevents me from even considering it.

Safari 5 annoyance

Safari 5 bookmark bars annoys the hell out of me

I keep my bookmarks filed neatly in folders, which all reside on the bookmarks bar for easy access. When I click any particular folder in the bookmarks bar (as seen in the screenshot above) and then change my mind; I’m forced to click the folder a second time to de-activate it before clicking another folder to view its contents.

This is the only browser I can find that works in this manner. All the others simply let me hover the mouse over any folder, click it and move over another folder without clicking a second time before clicking another folder. I find this so incredibly annoying I’ve quite and relaunched Chrome numerous times simply to avoid this behavior. I know it sounds crazy, but it just really bugs the hell out of me.

So how do you like the new Safari? What do you like, what’s missing? Sound off in the comments.