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Print separations from InDesign CS5 and Snow Leopard

InDesign CS5A friend recently asked what happened to the ability to export color separations from Adobe InDesign CS5 to a PDF using custom page sizes. I’ve never heard of or had the need to do this, so I was of little help. But for whatever reason, I was able to do it because I still had the generic Postscript PPD installed. The only thing I could think of was that I still had CS4 installed on my Mac, and the ability to do it remained in CS5 because of that.

In any case, my friend discovered the work around, and shared with me where he found it. Russell Viers offers the solution, that requires little more than a quick PPD download and install. Again, I’m not sure why you would want to do this because your printer generally handles this in-RIP at their printing facility. You really need to know what you’re doing when you enter the settings.

Learn how to print PDF color seps from InDesign here.

SneakPeek Pro, Art Files 2 to have free updates for Adobe CS6

Code Line updatesWith the much anticipated release of Adobe Creative Suite CS6 happening this year (confirmed first half of 2012), customers have been asking if they’ll need to purchase upgrades for Art Files 2, SneakPeek Pro and SneakPeek. Code Line is pleased to announce that they’ll be offering free updates for CS6 support once it’s released.

Read more about SneakPeek Pro here.

Tim Cook: Apple grows a new core

Tim Cook

When Apple’s charismatic founder Steve Jobs died in October of last year, there were many who wondered if the iconic electronics and consumer products company would be able to survive without its presiding genius. Those of us who know Apple, know that Apple is going to be just fine under Tim Cook’s leadership.

Independent.ie offers some great insight into the life of Tim Cook in the article: Apple grows new core.

iPhone 4/4S case with tripod mount, sun shade and more


The DiffCase offers tripod mounts, sunshade, and more

DiffCase: A different kind of iPhone case, indeed. One of the things I wish the iPhone had was a standard tripod mount built-in – but that would completely ruin the look of the beautiful phone. But since most of us tend to buy a case for the phone anyway, the DiffCase not only offers protection for your phone, but a dual tripod mounting system, and a sunshade/face cover as well.

Check out theDiffCase.

Is Pinterest facilitating copyright infringement?

PinterestThere’s a lot of internet buzz these days about new “social media” site Pinterest.com. I’m on Pinterest, and I find it to be a great service. Pinterest is a site that allows you to “pin” images and text for sharing with followers, and acts as a bookmarking system for interesting things. It’s a great place to find recipes, and DIY projects, among other things.

The question is, “Does Pinterest infringe upon copyright with its service?” Sean Locke Photography weighs-in on the issue in great detail.

Read more about Pinterest.com and copyright.