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Learn Photoshop’s Color Replacement Tool

As you may recall if you’re a long-time reader (going back to the CreativeGuy blog days in 2005), I posted an article titled Color shifting and replacement in Photoshop covering the easiest way to change the color of objects in your image. It’s an excellent and simple overview, which I re-posted here at TGM late last year. Veerle also covered the tool in this blog post in 2006. Well here we are in 2008, and video is all the rage these days, so here’s the same color replacement tip in a video post over at Sebastian Sulinski’s Design site. This tool is often overlooked by most designers – though professional photographers are most like as attached to it as they are their favorite lens. Play around with it for a while, I think you’ll begin to see how powerful the tool can be in no time.

Color management for digital artists

Color calibration is the biggest headache in the business, I personally don’t even calibrate my monitor anymore because I’ve found that the standard settings produce excellent results with the printers I use. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the results that best suit you and the commercial printers you use. Peachpit Press has a brief but informative article on calibrating your monitor.