If you’re working on a book or other document using InDesign’s Page Number and Section Options where page one is NOT the starting page in your numbering scheme, you’ve probably run into the problem where using the shortcut Command + J to jump to a specific page doesn’t take you where you want to go. For example, you have a 10 page document and you’ve set your automatic page numbering to actually start on the third page of the document. If you jump to page one, you actually end up on page three of the document, rather than the first page because the Command + J shortcut uses the Automatic Page Numbers as the guide to where to go. The simple workaround is to use the plus key. If you wanted to go to the first page in the document (not page one as it is numbered) you would hit Command + J then +1 – This tells InDesign to jump to the Absolute page in the document, in this case, the first page in the pages palette.