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V-Moda offers fully-customized over-the-ear headphones

V-Moda, makers of numerous headphones of all types, is offering the Crossfade LP Custom, which is an over-the-ear headphone set which you can customize to suit your personal style.

Crossfade LP Custom

Customize to suit your style

Not only can you choose the overall base color and style of the headphone frame, but you can choose the color of the ear pad color, and the shield color of the earpieces. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also select from a handful of custom imprints for the shield, or upload your own custom artwork. Very slick!

The Crossfade LP Custom headphones cost just $199 (down from $250), and you can preview your custom design before you buy.

iPhone photos appearing sideways when you display them on the computer? You’re holding it wrong!

iPhone: You're holding it wrong

If you use your iPhone to take photos and import them onto your computer or send them via email, you may have come across an issue where the photos display sideways or upside down on the computer or the recipient’s email. It’s frustrating for most users because they’re not sure why it’s happening. The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with your phone.

If Steve Jobs were alive today, he would simply tell you that “you’re holding it wrong!”

The iPhone supports an Orientation Tag in the image EXIF data under iOS 4 and above. It stores the information that tells the display the device what direction the photo was taken and how to display it properly. The problem is that most software doesn’t implement the Orientation Tag.

Until all Windows and Mac developers update their software to read the Orientation Tag, the solution is to make sure that you hold your iPhone with the home button either at the bottom for portrait photos, or to the right for landscape shots.

Alien Skin releases Exposure 4

Exposure 4Alien Skin Software yesterday announced the immediate availability of Exposure 4, the new version of its photography effects plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Lightroom. Exposure provides accurate film simulation and a wide range of creative effects in a simple interface.

Exposure 4 is a great tool for photographers and high-end designers, and carries a rather hefty price of $249 ($99 upgrade). I’m a huge fan of Alien Skin’s plugins for Photoshop. I have not used Exposure 4 yet, but I’ll be testing it out and posting a brief review very soon.

Infographic: Should you work for free?

Should I work for free

Should I work for free

Ever have a difficult time deciding if you should take on that design project for free? This infographic will help you decide.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]You can download the infographic here[/ilink]

iPhone 4/4S case with tripod mount, sun shade and more


The DiffCase offers tripod mounts, sunshade, and more

DiffCase: A different kind of iPhone case, indeed. One of the things I wish the iPhone had was a standard tripod mount built-in – but that would completely ruin the look of the beautiful phone. But since most of us tend to buy a case for the phone anyway, the DiffCase not only offers protection for your phone, but a dual tripod mounting system, and a sunshade/face cover as well.

Check out theDiffCase.

Cool iPhone cases

Retro iPhone case
Cool iPhone cases, from Apple retro, original iMac, LOST, G4 Towers, and more

Retro iPhone case

Cool iPhone cases, from Apple retro, original iMac, LOST, G4 Towers, and more


Handy tool: Belkin Mini Surge Protector and Dual USB Charger

Belkin USB charger and surge protector
Charge your iPhone and iPad, as well as power three other devices using only one plower plug
Belkin USB charger and surge protector

Charge your iPhone and iPad, and power three other devices using only one plower plug

360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking position and a mini-USB cable to charge virtually any USB device. I love the fact that it doesn’t cover the second plug in an outlet, and at only $12 I think it’s a bargain!

More info from the Amazon page.