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Humor: Truth in advertising

Truth in advertising – humorous and sad at the same time. Sad because it isn’t THAT far-fetched. Warning: a bit of foul language in this video

The Graphic Mac Link Box #4

The Graphic Mac Link BoxA collection of interesting or otherwise helpful links I’ve come across recently that you may not have seen:

Quicken replacements for OS X Lion
If you rely on Quicken 2007 for your personal finance management AND plan on upgrading to Mac OS X Lion, you have a decision to make: switch to another app, or don’t upgrade to Lion. TUAW breaks down your alternatives.

From chaos to an organized Desktop with Shelves
DesktopShelves is a new app that helps you fight the clutter on your Desktop by organizing files on shelves. A shelf the size of 5 icons holds 20 files. For those obsessed with a clean desktop, this might be the answer.

3 Column Reader Safari extension makes Google Reader beautiful
3 Column Reader turns Google Reader into a 3 column reading experience, perfect for a widescreen LCD screen. If you use Google Reader, this is a great extension for Safari.

Make a Bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Installer from a USB Flash Drive
For those concerned about having a bootable backup of Mac OS X Lion, fear not. OSX Daily hooks you up with a great walk-through of the process. I’ll be giving this one a shot the moment I get my hands on the final version of Lion.

Death To The QR Code
QR Codes are everywhere – and they’re usually not used in convenient places. Here’s a hint, advertisers, QR codes on a billboard aren’t going to work… we’re busy driving a car at the moment! reflects on the subject.

QR Code generator for Safari
Ok, so the previous article didn’t convince you, and you want to create your own QR Codes anyway. QR Code Generator for Safari puts a button in your toolbar which when clicked generates a QR Code for the page you’re on.

Free Adobe Creative Suite printing guide available for download

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Printing Guide

The Adobe Creative Suite 5 Printing Guide is available for download

Many users of Adobe’s Creative Suite software are unaware that Adobe provides an excellent printing guide in PDF format to aid in learning the ins-and-outs of successful commercial printing using the Creative Suite apps

The guide is an excellent resource for new users, serving as a training manual, as well as a brush-up for experienced users. The guide covers a wide-range of printing-related topics in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. The free Creative Suite 5/5.5 Printing Guide is a 22MB download.

Why designers should care that 700 journalists got laid off

Newspaper racks

Gannett layoffs: the guy who fills those racks is screwed

As I was filling a 10-minute void in my schedule by researching important data (playing with my Google+ account, trying to decide if I should keep it), I came across the following brief post by Peter Cohen, former Macworld editor, and co-founder of Angry Mac Bastards podcast (if you don’t subscribe to this foul-mouthed threesome’s weekly rants, you’re missing out!).

More good news for my brethren in the newspaper business: Gannett is shitcanning another 700 newspaper workers.


Apple Stores: a victim of their own success

Apple Genius Bar

The promise made by Apple's Genius Bar is rarely delivered on anymore

When Apple built their first store here in Phoenix, Arizona I was ecstatic. No longer would I be forced to order Apple-related products online, I could walk into a store and walk out with virtually anything I needed. The atmosphere was fantastic – with plenty of space to move around and try everything, the staff knowledgeable and helpful, and the Genius Bar was such a great resource.

Those days are gone. Probably forever.

The Apple Retail Store has lost virtually everything that made it great, mostly due to their own popularity and success. It’s truly unfortunate. (more…)

The Graphic Mac Link Box #3

The Graphic Mac Link BoxA collection of interesting or otherwise helpful links I’ve come across recently that you may not have seen:

Prepare for Pixelmator 2
For those who want full featured image editing but don’t want the price tag attached to Photoshop, Pixelmator is the perfect app. Pixelmator 2.0 will be available later this summer via the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for everyone who purchased any version of Pixelmator via the Mac App Store. For now, anyone who doesn’t have the app can purchase the currently available version of Pixelmator on the Mac App Store for $29 and receive a free upgrade of Pixelmator 2.0 once it is released.

Control your privacy in Google Chrome
I love Google Chrome, it’s a great Web browser with plenty of features and extensions. The problem is, it was made by Google; so you know they’re collecting all sorts of data while you’re using it. Ahad Bokhari has a great tutorial on how to protect your privacy while using Google Chrome.

Photoshop CS5 vs. CS5.5
If you work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, you may be wondering what the difference between PS CS5 (v. 12.0.4) and PS CS5.5 (v. 12.1) actually is. The answer is: absolutely nothing. John Nack explains on his blog.

Google stands by 15-minute refunds
Google offers a 15-minute time frame to receive a refund on apps purchased in the Android Marketplace. While many users complain that it takes that longer than 15-minutes to download and configure some apps, it’s still better than Apple’s refund time of zero!

View Instagram stream on your Mac
Screenstagram allows avid Instagram users to view their Instagram photo stream as a screensaver on any Snow Leopard Mac desktop or laptop.

40 Online generators for web designers and developers
Web forms, charts, button makers, AJAX plugins, fonts, color schemes, CSS menus, and more. Tripwire Magazine has a list of 40 great generators to save you some coding time.

The Graphic Mac Link Box #2

The Graphic Mac Link BoxA collection of interesting or otherwise helpful links I’ve come across recently that you may not have seen:

Steve Ballmer’s days are numbered

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has apparently done more to reduce the value of Microsoft than any other product, service or company. That bit of news comes to us from an in-depth opinion article by Ben Brooks.

Your next logo design: RGB vs. CMYK

MycroBurst attempts to answer the question of what color standard you should use when designing your next logo. It isn’t a particularly in-depth article, but I felt like it was a great lead-in for a list of 9 rules for logo design I wrote a long time ago!

25 Weird interview questions from large companies

I can’t say I’ve ever been asked any of these in a job interview, but I have been asked some odd questions that were clearly intended to set me off pace for the purpose of gauging my reaction.

Text Wrap and Fit Content Options in Adobe InDesign

New users of Adobe InDesign may find this article quite helpful. It covers the ins and outs of InDesign’s Text Wrap and Fit Content Options most excellently!

How to Create Eroded Metal Text with Photoshop

Creating eroded, grungy, nasty, weathered metal text in Photoshop is probably something you do 50 times a day, right? Ok, probably not. But if you did need to, this tutorial will make it easy for you!

Apple to introduce us to Lion: Maybe you’ve heard?

Ok, so that was a smartass question. If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook or the web in general, you’ve probably heard that Apple has a lot to announce Monday at their annual WWDC conference. Expected in the announcement are details about Apple’s MobileMe replacement, iCloud. Also expected are announcements concerning the next release of iOS 5 which will reportedly include Twitter integration and much more. As for me, I’m prepping my hard drive for a rather large (and price discounted) download of Lion from the Mac App Store!

Tips for controlling your DSLR autofocus

Tips for a better autofocus

Digital Photography School offers a few tips for a better autofocus

Sometimes the autofocus on your DSLR camera can be really annoying. For some shots it’ll focus on the right part of your subject, but then the very next shot it may choose to focus on something far and away into the background.

Steve Berardi from PhotoNaturalist talks about three ways to get better control of autofocus in his guest-post at Digital Photography School.