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Latest issue of PhotographyBB available for download

Digital photography fans can download the latest issue of PhotographyBB e-magazine in PDF format. PhotographyBB is a free online magazine composed by a hardworking team of volunteer contributing authors whose goal is to teach beginners all about digital photography and image processing. The June 2009 edition features articles on photography techniques and issues facing today’s digital photographer. Readers will learn tips on composition and how keeping things simple can lead to great photography. The issue also examines how to overcome “photographer’s block” when lack of inspiration occurs. Included is also a Photoshop® tutorial on creating an urban “grunge” type effect for dramatic impact.

2009 AIGA-Aquent Salary Survey

The 2009 AIGA|Aquent Salary Survey draws from the largest pool to date of designers and others allied with the profession nationwide, and includes responses from more than 9,000 design professionals. Salary survey The AIGA|Aquent survey is widely recognized as the most comprehensive annual survey of compensation data for the communication design profession in the United States. (more…)

Apple Retail Store Success: It Ain’t Rocket Science

In May of 2001, Apple opened its first retail outlet store in Tysons Corner, Va. It was immediately met by critics and the typical roster of Apple-haters with predictions of doom and massive financial losses. Eight years later, Apple has more than 255 retail stores worldwide, and are the darling of the retail computer industry. So what makes them so successful? While the Mac, iPod, and iPhone are what makes Apple successful, the formula for the retail stores’ success isn’t so obvious until you actually visit an Apple store. Sure, great products sell themselves, but Apple has made sure that its products have the best opportunity to do so by creating an environment that offers virtually no reason for a buyer to go elsewhere. I’ve listed several reasons why I think Apple is so successful with their retail stores in my article at TheAppleBlog.

Adobe Creative Suite gift items

You may have seen the Adobe Creative Suite icon pillows being sold at MySuiteStuff. They’re apparently quite popular. Not to be outdone, Meninos has a few things for those of you who can’t get enough Creative Suite in their life. For $25 + shipping, you can get a set of six Creative Suite icon coasters, a perfect addition to your work desk. Pretty nifty. If coasters aren’t your thing, maybe Creative Suite refrigerator magnets appeal to you. Photoshop or Illustrator tool panels can adorn your metal surfaces for $25 per set. Personally, I like the Photoshop ones!

Design 101: Setting headlines

Headlines can become more than just the biggest piece of text on the page. The way you set the type can be come a defining element for your layout or even the entire campaign. The same headline can be designed in a few different ways – which can alter the emphasis of the text. DesignersToolbox has an interesting look at a few different headline styles you may want to explore or build upon in your next design.

Rant: Stupid Apple, You Suck!

Apple Sucks It’s time for another rant here at The Graphic Mac. Back in February, I went off on Apple’s utterly stupid lack of menu bar customization. Today, just one day after Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), I have a whole new dump truck to unload on you… (more…)

Package design inspiration

Package design is one of the more difficult aspects of design. You’re dealing with three dimensions instead of the typical one. Dzineblog has posted a fantastic list of creative package design for your inspiration that I think is worth checking out!

Spec work in the real world

I’m not sure I need to comment on this any more than to say “This video should be mass-produced and sent to every company on the planet!”

10 Misconceptions about Graphic Design – The claims and blames!!

Note: This article was submitted by a reader, Hummairr, in the forums – but I thought it was worth publishing on the front page. Graphic Design is a very flexible career choice with combination of paths to go down. However, at times amazing claims (by my friends and clients) make me doubt my own profession. Short and sweet, graphic designers are often blamed for enjoying extra charms and advantages of their profession, which are not true in many ways. However, to clear up some misconceptions and for a bit of fun I’ve listed together the claims and blames about Graphic Design. Considering my personal experience and adding few points from a well known blog “Creative Opera” I managed to compile 10 misconceptions about Graphic Designing below. I hope this will be helpful for designers and clients alike. (more…)