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The Graphic Mac on Twitter

While I’ve been on Twitter for a few years now, and you’ve probably noticed the Twitter link at the top of the site; I thought it was a good time to let you know what to expect if you follow The Graphic Mac on Twitter.
The Graphic Mac on Twitter

The Graphic Mac on Twitter

I recently updated the background image on my Twitter page, and almost immediately got a private message from a follower commenting about it. He also asked how much I use Twitter in my day to day work. The answer made me sit back and think about it for a while. My usage has changed quite a bit over the last year or two.

There was a time, when I was freelancing full-time about a year ago, when I was Tweeting a dozen or so times a day. I was working from home, and often found interesting ideas from other people, or simply used it as an excuse to take a break from my work. Once I started working full-time again, my Twitter habits changed. I don’t Tweet nearly as often anymore, but I found it to not be such a bad thing for me, and hopefully a more useful thing for my followers.

My Tweets now consist mainly of two things. First, you’ll see a quick Tweet announcing the latest article when it appears on The Graphic Mac. Second, I share interesting links to articles and resources as I come across them. Many of these links also appear in the sidebar off to the right, but many do not – so it’s worth checking both places.

Occasionally I do interact directly with followers if I have an answer to a question, or can provide a link to help someone out. But you’re not likely to see me Tweeting about my travels, or taste in coffee.

So in short, think of The Graphic Mac on Twitter as an extension of this site, not an extension of my social life. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who follows me, and who have supported this site over the years!

The Graphic Mac welcomes: WorldAccent

Every once in a while I have the need to provide a design in a language other than English. With a global economy and the Internet, I suspect the need arises more often than it ever used to. In the past, local translation services generally yielded a Word file full of unformatted text, or an Illustrator file with the fonts converted to paths. Fortunately, document translation services have greatly improved and make for a powerful addition to your design arsenal.

I’m happy to announce The Graphic Mac’s latest advertiser, WorldAccent. If you need a document translated to another language, WorldAccent can surely help.

Free fraction-to-decimal chart

Fraction-to-decimal chart

Fraction-to-decimal chart makes conversions easy

Life was much easier back in the days when everyone used Points and Picas for measurements in the design field. Has anyone ever been told to provide an ad 6 59/64 wide? For years I’ve used this fraction-to-decimal chart, keeping it tacked to the wall next to my monitor for quick reference.

You can download the free fraction-to-decimal chart here.

New design. More content.

The Graphic Mac

It’s been several years since I moved the original Creative Guy blog from WordPress to Drupal; renaming it The Graphic Mac in the process. While Drupal served it’s purpose, I just never was able to “simplify” the site design and layout. Today marks The Graphic Mac’s return to WordPress. I hope you find the new design more pleasing to the eye.


One of the reasons I made the switch was so that I could focus more on the content, and much less on actually getting the content posted; as well as making the site something I actually enjoyed looking at. The new design isn’t going to win me any awards, but it definitely puts more focus on the content. Gone are the seldom used features from the old site, such as dedicated discussion forums. The forums never really caught on, instead I was fielding dozens of emails a day from readers. At first I felt bothered by the fact that people weren’t using the forums. But after a while, I began to appreciate the one-on-one interaction with readers. The contact form is up at the top, and I welcome the emails! (more…)

Happy Holidays from The Graphic Mac!

Merry Christmas from The Graphic Mac As Christmas day approaches, I want to thank everyone who has visited The Graphic Mac – and wish you all a safe and joyous holiday. I hope you all get everything from Santa that you had on your wish list!

Effective Twitter backgrounds

The Graphic Mac was one of the many Twitter users featured over at Smashing Magazine this past week in their article Effective Twitter Backgrounds. The article discusses different ways you can brand yourself, your company or your product on Twitter via the use of the background image customization on your Twitter page.

Effective Twitter background images

Effective Twitter background images

While many users have long since moved on to dedicated Twitter applications on their desktop, many still make an effort to visit a user’s Twitter page just to read up on their recent postings and check out their graphics and bio information; so it’s still important that you customize your page. The article certainly offers quite a bit of inspiration if you’re looking to redesign your Twitter page, and I was pleasantly surprised to see The Graphic Mac listed!

Site News: Browser and OS visitor stats

Just for giggles, I took a look at The Graphic Mac’s site statistics, including what Web browser was used the most, and on what OS platform. While there were no surprises, I did notice some rather interesting percentages. This is a Mac focused site, but roughly 28% of visitors here are using a Windows-based computer. I forgive those users though, because nearly 16% of those users are cool enough to use Firefox or some other non-I.E. browser. The other 12% need to get with the program and switch to the uber-awesome Firefox! Also of note is the fact that Google Chrome has been out for only about a week and it’s already popping up in browser stats. I attribute that to a lot of people testing it out. I wonder how many of those users are running Chrome on a Mac using VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.