iPhone 5 first impressions: light, fast and… cheap looking!

Spent a brief few minutes on the iPhone 5 this past weekend, courtesy of a friend of my nephew who’s parents decided he absolutely had to have the iPhone 5 immediately (spoiled brats!).

My first impressions: light, fast and cheap looking.

It’s so much lighter than the iPhone 4 that it almost feels like one of those fake phones the carriers put on a shelf in their stores.

The AT&T LTE speed here in Phoenix was obscene. Easily faster than the home WiFi network my iPhone 4 was running on. But Internet speed aside, the rest of the phone felt zippier as well.

The camera’s low-light images were much improved over the iPhone 4. We’re not talking about a work of art, but definitely the difference between actually keeping an image instead of trashing it because it was too dark.

The new case design of the iPhone 5 (the black one anyway) looked cheap to me. It looked like “worn-out” plastic snap-on material I would expect from a $99 phone instead of the elegant iPhone 4 with its all glass case.

The iPhone 5 looks gorgeous in the promo photos, but I gotta say that in real life, it looked like crap to me. I mean I was REALLY disappointed in seeing it. Again, I only saw the black one, but it was enough to convince me that I’ll be getting the white version when I upgrade.

Ultimately, how it looks is largely irrelevant to me, because I’ll end up putting a case on it anyway. And every other aspect of the phone is awesome. Perhaps I just didn’t spend enough time with it to fully appreciate the appearance – but how the phone looks is something I tend to only care about for about the first day or so of owning it, anyway.

Astute Graphics updates two popular Adobe Illustrator plugins

DrawScribeAstute Graphics has update two of their popular Adobe Illustrator plugins to work with CreativeSuite 6.

DrawScribe features two handy tools: InkScribe and Dynamic Sketch.

Use Inkscribe to replace the Pen and its related tools, and it will revolutionise the way you draw precise and calculated shapes. If you’re a fan of drawing more naturally in vector, but you’d like to speed things up, you’ll love the Dynamic Sketch tool. Whether you sketch with a Wacom tablet or a mouse, this tool provides even more power to produce dynamic vector forms from scratch, to modify existing shapes, and to go back at a later date to adjust the level of detail to your work.

VectorScribe is the ultimate vector toolkit for all designers and users of Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. It allows you to edit and create vector artwork faster, smarter and dynamically through the use of tools such as PathScribe, Dynamic Measure, and Protractor. The Studio version of VectorScribe also includes Dynamic Shapes and Dynamic Corners tools.

Prices vary for the tools (see the individual web pages), and both offer downloadable trial versions to see if they’re right for you.

SubScribe Designer for Adobe Illustrator CS3-CS6 FREE!

SubScribeSubScribe Designer is a creative workflow enhancement tool for all designers working in Adobe Illustrator. It provides simple access to common drawing tasks such as lines to/from curve tangents or perpendiculars and circles and arcs defined by 2 or 3 points.

Another key function is the Orient tool which allows users to rotate or straighten objects intuitively, precisely and easily.

SubScribe Designer tools:

  • Circle by 2 or 3 points
  • Tangent Circle
  • Curvature Circle
  • Connect
  • Straighten
  • Arc by three point
  • Arc start-end-direction
  • Orient
  • Line tangent to two paths
  • Line tangent to path
  • Line tangent from path
  • Line perpendicular to two paths
  • Line perpendicular to path
  • Line perpendicular from path

SubScribe Designer for Adobe Illustrator is completely free. Illustrator CS6 installation requires Adobe Exchange.

iPhone 5: meme #3

iPhone 5 meme

iPhone 5 meme

Despite the lack of a form factor change, the iPhone 5 will likely top iPhone 4S sales.