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Oops, I dropped my new iMac

Came across this video over at CultofMac and laughed my butt off. I must say though, it would have been more believable with only one box. There’s no way someone could carry two iMacs the way he did, they’re just too heavy.

Cinemagraph: making .gif popular again


Cinemagraph: the latest craze in web images (Image: From Me To You photography blog)

There’s no Flash, no fancy JQuery, Javascript, or HTML5 going on behind the scenes with the image above. No, the image above is a plain old fashioned .gif file at its heart. Of course, there’s nothing plain about how this Cinemagraph was made.

Cinemagraph is finding its way onto a lot of websites because there’s no compatibility issues to deal with, and it has a fairly low technical barrier. Anyone with a copy of Adobe Photoshop and a video camera can produce a Cinemagraph image.

Check out these 28 sample Cinemagraph images, then when you’re ready to start making your own, visit Tested.com for a simple Cinemagraph tutorial.

Elmedia Player Pro: View, download & manage video files (15% off)

Elmedia Player ProIf you’re looking for a simple, one app solution to viewing, downloading and managing video files on your Mac, Eltima Software has the solution for you.

Let me start out by saying that Eltima offers a free version of Elmedia Player, but I don’t recommend it because there are already several plugins and apps that integrate with the Mac OS and your browser to simply view videos not natively supported on the Mac. While Elmedia Player (free) does this well, it adds an extra step vs. browser plugins, etc. For a truly full-featured solution, you really need Elmedia Player Pro ($19.95). (more…)