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Using a PC is as easy as 1-2 3

I love the “Get a Mac” ads. They’re clever, and most times make me laugh. This one takes the cake… Here are the steps PC lists in the ad: 1. Remove unneeded bloatware 2. Configure security settings 3. Download and install OS security patches 4. Restart 5. Download / install extra security programs 6. Restart 7. Download / install drivers for peripherals 8. Restart 9. Remove optional Windows components 10. Update new virus list 11. Run full system virus scan 12. Update new malware list 13. Run full system malware scan 14. Download / install application updates 15. Restart 16. Clean out system registry 17. Repair corupt system registry 18. Defragment hard drive 19. Free up disk space 20. Scan disk for errors 21. Run system file checker 22. Read online instruction manual 23. Cross fingers

The entire Macworld Keynote in 60 seconds

We all love Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at MacWorld. It’s the highlight of the week, and is usually filled with ooohs and ahhhhs. At least, it was in the past. The last few years have been iPod/iPhone heavy and quite frankly I just don’t have 90 minutes to watch the thing. So when I came across this video at Maholo, I was extatic that I could catch the entire 90-minute speech in 60 seconds. Here it is: